George Nader and Mohamed bin Zayed

Reactions to the scandal of the former adviser to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, George Nader, continued after a US court found him guilty of crimes involving possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation, and the case was transformed after Nader was sentenced to 10 years in prison and continuous monitoring of life after his release from prison, To a public opinion issue that was covered by the international media.


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The court considered the bin Zayed advisor, who is close to the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, a danger to society for the exploitation and trafficking of children, and after his judgment and his admission of guilt, George Nader became a stigma that would pursue the crown prince of Abu Dhabi forever, as observers confirmed that bin Zayed was aware that this The criminal is sick and abnormal, assaulting children with exclusive nationality, and he was imprisoned in 2003 on charges of sexual assault, while his work as a counselor in 2018, stressing that before assigning anyone to such a position, it is necessary to know its origin, chapter and history.

 Last January, The New York Post reported that George Nader pleaded guilty to charges of possessing child pornography and sex trafficking charges, and concluded a court deal with a US federal court on his own confession, to be imprisoned for 10 years.

She noted that prosecutors at the Alexandria City Court in Virginia, south of Washington, had agreed – as part of this deal – to acknowledge the recommendation of a 10-year prison sentence when Nader was sentenced, although the judge would be free to impose a much longer sentence if he chose to.

Abu Dhabi George used to launch a systematic media campaigns that were paid to discredit Qatar and mobilize public opinion against it, and the New York Times had revealed in August of last year that the UAE paid Nader millions of dollars, even after the start of an investigation by Special Investigator Robert Mueller, And with the aim of running malicious campaigns against Qatar.

While Nader, 60, asserts that while the pictures showed naked children, they were supposed to be funny instead of nationality and did not realize they were on his phone, he admitted to receiving an email containing pornographic images of children in 2012 and bringing a child to the country for sexual purposes in 2000.

George Nader pleaded guilty and admitted bringing a 14-year-old boy from the Czech Republic to the United States 20 years ago to engage in sexual activity. He also admitted to possessing child pornography, and according to reports, George Nader agreed to pay $ 150,000 in compensation to the abused Czech boy who is now an adult and testified at the verdict hearing, in the US court over the phone. “George practically destroyed my whole life, and I’m trying to reassemble it piece by piece,” he said through an interpreter.

The verdict issued to George Nader is for one of the cases in which he is tried, and it is a ruling concerning the circulation of child pornography, and bringing a minor child from abroad to practice homosexuality with him, i.e. the ruling concerns his mental illness and anomalies only, but there is another case that is tried, that may drag Bin Zayed Bin Salman is with him and implicates them greatly.

The first issue concerns pumping money from abroad for the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and this money is of course sourced from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and from Bin Zayed personally for Trump to reach power, and this is a more serious issue than the issue of anomaly, and its penalty is more and may be drawn from those involved with him for major US sanctions.

As for the second case, the trial is still awaiting judgment and is the result of Mueller’s investigations, who discovered that Nader transferred funds from “an external party” to finance the Republican Committee for the Trump installation and the Clinton campaign.

Nader’s personality began to appear in the nineties of the last century, where he sought through the magazine and his participation in some conferences to push towards peace with Israel, and George Nader – by 2016 – has presented himself in the corridors of American politics as an advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and after the inauguration, US President Donald Trump has approached White House personalities such as Elliot Brodie – director of Cercinas Security Services – who has established ties with Mohammed bin Zayed under the mediation of Nader.

According to people familiar with the man’s meetings – according to the New York Times – George Nader visited the White House more than once during the first months of the US President’s administration, and met close associates of them, including Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, to discuss American policy in the Gulf region before the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia May 2017.

In 2017, Nader frequently visited the White House, and met Stephen Bannon, Jared Kushner and former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and discussed with them American policy towards the Gulf states before Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia in May 2017.

Reports indicated that Mohamed bin Zayed arranged a meeting between Blackwater founder, Eric Prince, and a Russian figure with the aim of opening informal lines of communication between Trump and Russia. But Prince denied this in his testimony before Congress.

Among the examples was Nader Communications, who arranged a meeting between Mohamed bin Zayed and a senior fundraising official for Trump and the owner of a security company, Elliot Baroudi.

Braudy presented Nader a memo about his meeting with Trump at the White House, during which he discussed the possibility of holding a special meeting between Trump and Bin Zayed and supporting the positions of the Emirates on regional issues, and later Baroudi signed hundreds of millions of contracts with the Emirates.

Who is George Nader?

George Nader is an American Lebanese Lebanese businessman who suddenly turned to the attention of the American media and the special investigator Robert Mueller, whose team conducted interviews with him after the research went beyond the Russian role in the American elections to start looking at the potential role of the United Arab Emirates in buying political influence in America, and the New York Times explained that The questions revolved around a possible role for Abu Dhabi in buying political influence in the United States and providing funds for the campaign of US President Donald Trump.

Jobs and responsibilities

During the 1990s, George Nader worked as Chairman and Editor of Middle East Insight magazine, which dealt extensively with Middle Eastern issues and the role and influence of Washington in the region. His partner was then-Israeli-Israeli Jonathan Kessler, who served as executive editor for the magazine before he served as director of the Department of Development and Entrepreneurship at the American Committee for Public Affairs. The well-known Israeli “AIPAC”.