The Government Communications Office issued a statement today, Monday, in response to the Human Rights Watch report regarding the protection Qatar provides to migrant workers.

The government communication said in a statement on its website that Human Rights Watch intentionally misleads public opinion in its report and harms those it claims to provide assistance to.

Human Rights Watch has repeated its previous mistakes about the policies followed in the State of Qatar in its last report, which does not reflect at all the reality of the current situation, as the vast majority of individuals who came to the State of Qatar for work are not exposed to any form of violations in relation to wages except for A small number of individual cases, noting that the number of these cases has witnessed a significant decline due to the fundamental and sustainable change brought about by the laws and measures taken by the state.

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Here, it must be noted that Human Rights Watch did not communicate with the State of Qatar until only before the report was published, and the organization never addressed any of these issues during their occurrence or during our contact with it, and there is no doubt that the state will spare no effort in addressing the issues raised by the workers. However, the organization did not inform us of this in advance of those interviewed for the report. Therefore, following the same methods in the annual reports does not make a real difference in the efforts to address the challenges mentioned by workers.

The office added that the State of Qatar is ready to cooperate with Human Rights Watch in the event of wage violations or any other concerns related to employment, just as it cooperates with other non-governmental organizations.

It should be noted that the recommendations contained in the Human Rights Watch report are being implemented and others are in the process of implementation, including the enactment of laws to cancel the NOC and establish a minimum wage, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East region. The State of Qatar is also working to modernize the wages protection system and the Workers’ Support and Insurance Fund, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization.

The work program adopted by the State of Qatar provides protection for all workers in the various stages of their employment cycle, and the success of this approach is reflected in the achievements that have been achieved so far, and the positive impact it has had on hundreds of thousands of workers and individuals who depend on them.