Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and National Conference chairman Farooq Abdullah yesterday lashed out at the central government over scrapping of Article 370 and accused Home Minister Amit Shah of lying about his situation.
“They want to kill us,” Abdullah told reporters from the terrace of his residence.
“People are being locked up, (former chief minister) Omar Abdullah is in jail. We are not grenade-throwers or stone-pelters. My India is a democratic, secular India for all. We believe in peaceful resolution for change. This is undemocratic,” he said.
He said decision to scrap Article 370 was unconstitutional.
“It is dictatorship by the Modi government. We have never been the ones who want to separate nor do we want to separate from this nation. But, don’t take away our honour and dignity… we are not slaves,” he said.
“Dictatorial authority has been evoked and not a democratic one. I don’t know how many have been arrested. Nobody is allowed to come in or go out, we are under house arrest,” he said. Abdullah said that the doors of his house have been closed and he cannot move out.
“The HM is lying,” he said in response to Shah’s statement in the parliament that “he has not been detained or arrested and is at his house at his own will”.
“I’m saying this for the fourth time, and I have the patience to say it for the 10th time, Farooq Abdullah has neither been detained, nor arrested,” the home minister said.
Shah’s comments came after Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) member Supriya Sule said that Abdullah used to sit next to him in the Lok sabha but he was not there and his voice was not being heard.