Georgetown University of Qatar has organized a free, open to the public book launch today.

The book “Water, Civilization and Power in Sudan: The Political Economy of Military-Islamist State Building” written by Professor Dr. Harry Verhoeven will be launched at 6PM today.

The book portrays the remarkable state building projects in the modern era in Sudan.

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Also, the book consists of a series of interviews with Islamists, business tycoons and security officials through which the writer examines Sudan’s history after the Ingaz revolution.

The book also shows how the gamble to use water and agriculture as a tool to consolidate power is linked to 21st century globalization, Islamist ideology, and intensifying geopolitics of the Nile.

The writer has taken a step beyond conventional ideas and has explored the different connections between Sudan’s environmental factors, development and political power.

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Source News: Qatar Living