he Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has issued advisories on the use of masks as well as how to safely use them. In an infographic on social media yesterday, the ministry stressed that it does not advise healthy people to routinely wear a mask to reduce their risk of Covid-19. However, it is advised to wear a mask under certain conditions, it said. These conditions are as follows:
If you are sick, with respiratory symptoms like coughing or sneezing, wear a mask:
1. While staying at home, especially around family members, and seek medical help by calling the Covid-19 hotline on 16000.
2. If you are in transit to the hospital.
3. If you entered a waiting area in a clinic or hospital.

If you are not sick, with respiratory symptoms like coughing or sneezing, wear a mask only if:
1. You are in any of the following high-risk groups and had to go out for a necessity –
n People diagnosed with a chronic disease (such as diabetes, chronic renal disease, chronic heart disease, chronic lung disease, cancer, immune compromising condition) or if you are taking medications that lower your immunity.
n Older adult (55 years or above)
n Pregnant or breastfeeding
2. You are a caregiver or sharing living space with a person suspected to have contracted Covid-19.
3. You are a caregiver or sharing the same living space with someone who suffers from a chronic condition.
4. You are required to interact closely with other people in your workplace, such as customers or visitors.
5. If, for necessity, you need to use public transportation or while riding a car with several other people.
6. If, for necessity, you need to enter a public or crowded place.
7. You live or work in a locked-down area or share a room with others.
The ministry has also issued an advisory, in the form of an infographic, explaining how to safely use a mask (see accompanying graphic).