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Today, Thursday, the General Authority of Customs, represented by the maritime customs in Hamad Port, managed to thwart the smuggling of a large amount of narcotic substance, as part of its continuous efforts to monitor and thwart any smuggling attempts that would disturb the security of the state.

The customs authority published a video on its Twitter account, in which it said that the maritime customs in Hamad Port thwarted the smuggling of an amount of narcotic substance, the contraband was hidden in a way inside the tires of a shipment of bicycles.

The authority added that the number of seizures reached 1289 bags of tobacco, and the total weight of the prohibited substance reached 49.50 kilograms.

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The staff of the General Customs Authority seeks to prevent the entry of narcotic and prohibited substances by providing all its outlets with advanced examination devices that can analyze the components inside the bag and devise the types of materials inside it.

The authority, with all its branches, had seized numerous attempts to smuggle prohibited materials, such as hashish, marijuana, banned tablets, and others, which varied in concealment methods and customs inspectors were on the lookout.

The General Authority of Customs provides its employees with all means of support and continuous training so that they are aware of the latest means and methods of smuggling followed by smugglers, to confirm at all times its ability and keenness to protect the security of the country and its children from narcotic substances.