The 1st International Conference on Visualisation and Computer-Human Interaction (VisCHI) was organised by Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) and the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU).
It gathered experts and users of scientific and data visualisation as well as computer-human interaction technologies.
VisCHI featured an eclectic mix of discussions and interactive sessions designed to raise awareness of local and global contributions to visualisation and computer-human interaction capabilities.
Proceedings also included a poster competition and hackathon. For the poster competition, participants from academia, industry and the public sector were tasked with designing posters highlighting cutting edge research in data visualisation, user-centric design and interrelated disciplines.
VisCHIs hackathon contest encouraged the full use of relevant visualisation technologies to disseminate real-world data. Participants also benefited from a series of evening lectures in the build-up to the event that provided them with the necessary skills to design effective visualisation materials and resources. Both the poster competition and hackathon were judged by an international jury with the best entries awarded at the event.
Speaking after the conference, Dr Michael Aupetit, who is a senior scientist at QCRI, said: “We believe this first VisCHI was a resounding success for two key reasons. First, our ability to attract global experts to this event reflects Qatar’s place at the forefront of developments in visualisation and computer-human interaction. Second, our blend of discussions and interactive sessions allowed participants to engage freely with researchers and designers of these technologies. We’re confident that this will foster more of the multidisciplinary computing research required to fuel Qatar’s and the wider regions innovation and technology capacities.
Meanwhile, Assistant Professor at CSE Dr Dena al-Thani, added: “VisCHI was the perfect opportunity to highlight our capabilities in the fields of visualisation and computer-human interaction technology. Doing so also reinforced CSEs determination to conduct research and development that has a positive impact on Qatar and further afield.”