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Brigadier Ali bin Khujim Al-Athbi, Chairman of the Security Committee for National Day Events and Director of the Facilities and Authorities Security Department, confirmed that the activities of the National Day celebrations this year witnessed the adoption of many exceptional security and precautionary measures different from previous years, as a result of the health conditions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, He pointed out that invitations to attend the national march on Friday were directed to the families of the medical staff, in appreciation of the state for their efforts during the Corona pandemic.

In an interview with Al-Sharq website after the press conference organized by the Security Committee to celebrate the National Day to announce the special organizational procedures, the dean stated that certain requirements have been set for those invited to attend the celebration, calling on the invitees to abide by them, stressing that the invitees do not accompany children or the elderly, fearing for their safety from transmission Coronavirus infection, and because only the invitee will be allowed to enter.

Reducing the number of seats

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Regarding the number of attendees and seats, the Brigadier General Al-Athbi indicated that in past years the number of attendance was within the limits of 19 thousand, but that this year witnessed a reduction to about 2569 only, due to adherence to health measures related to Corona and the completion of preventive measures.

With regard to people who do not hold lawsuit cards and how to deal with them, the Dean replied that no citizen or resident will be allowed to attend to watch the parade activities on Friday without having an invitation, and they will not be allowed to enter the area designated for the ceremony, through security barriers, traffic, and Khoyya, indicating that The waterfront of the Corniche will be closed to everyone, and no citizen or resident will be allowed to be there after the start of the security cordon set up by the security committee around the party area, and the committee has designated entry gates as it will not allow the passage of people who do not have a special case.

The Dean also stressed that it has been emphasized and alerted through the media platforms on the necessity for elderly people over the age of 60, children or people with disabilities to stay in their homes and enjoy the celebration through the means of the ‘mother’ that convey the ceremony.

In response to a question in the event that people with disabilities possess a suit card, will he be permitted to enter? .. The Brigadier General replied that he would be permitted to enter, but he wished them to take into account the health conditions and to allow another person to attend the ceremony.

 For its part, the Ministry of Interior said in a series of tweets on its Twitter account that the Organizing Committee had provided digital codes or “codes” on the invitation card indicating the path of the invitee to reach the designated position. Three positions were provided for the invitees in the vicinity of Al Bida, referring to the plan to secure the event of the march. The National Walk is located on the Doha Corniche, including the presence of security cordons along the Corniche and the surrounding roads, in order to regulate the entry of the invitees and facilitate their access to their seats, indicating the procedures for entering the site of the National Walk, including ensuring the necessary health measures (measuring temperature – wearing Muzzle (green precaution) in addition to self-inspection procedures.

The Ministry added that the National Day activities will include during the evening fireworks on the Doha Corniche at 8:30 pm, in addition to the events held in Katara.

The Ministry also called on those invited to the National Walk event to attend well in advance (seven in the morning) with the need to adhere to all necessary safety measures.