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Health experts have praised the role of applying “precaution” in maintaining the safety of the public, especially with the gradual lifting of restrictions related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), as the State of Qatar enters the fourth phase of lifting the restrictions imposed by the Corona epidemic.

Dr. Yusuf Al-Maslamani, head of the joint work committee for the application of precaution and the medical director of Hamad General Hospital, stressed the importance of the role of the mobile phone application “Precaution” in preserving the safety of the population in the State of Qatar.

And Ihraz was launched in late April, and it is an application that is distinguished by its high progress and has been developed to preserve the safety of the population in the State of Qatar from (Covid-19). The application also supports the serious work carried out by the health teams working on the front lines to address the epidemic.

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Dr. Yousef Al-Maslamani said that all the evidence in the State of Qatar and around the world shows that the Covid-19 epidemic is a highly contagious virus and has the ability to spread rapidly, and thus the advanced precautionary application provides support for both the public and the health sector during the epidemic period, and also provides sustainable use of the application Achieving many important benefits for citizens and residents of the State of Qatar, as well as helping to protect individuals, families and society in general.

He explained that the success of the “precaution” application in preserving the safety of individuals from the Covid-19 epidemic requires the support of the population of citizens, residents and visitors by downloading the application and ensuring that it is maintained at all times while they are outside the home, praising the response of all members of society with the application and accepting it positively as An important tool to help get through this difficult period.

Dr. Al-Maslamani pointed out how the precaution application contributes to supporting society through many of the advantages it provides, such as the easy way in which the application provides daily notifications of the number of cases / Covid-19 / and health advice. The application also enables users to know the health status of others who may be in contact Or by asking to see their health status, pointing out that the application helps people feel safe and protected in public facilities that include shopping centers, shops and offices.

Since the State of Qatar announced its travel policies for Covid-19 with the end of last July, the “precaution” application has contributed to providing support to people subject to home quarantine upon their return from abroad, as those coming from low-risk countries turn their precautionary application into yellow within a period of time. Home quarantine, and then they have to undergo a swab on the sixth day, and their health status does not change to green except in the event that the swab is performed and a negative result of the examination and verification appears, and therefore these steps contribute to reducing the risk of the virus being re-spread by travelers coming to the State of Qatar and transmitting it. To community members.

For her part, Dr. Juliette Ibrahim, Director of the E-Health Department at the Ministry of Public Health and Co-Chair of the Joint Work Committee for the Implementation of “Precaution”, explained that the application is also an important tool for using the working teams in the front lines of the Ministry of Public Health, as it works hard to identify contacts of confirmed cases to In addition to identifying new suspected cases, with the aim of breaking the chain of infection and limiting the spread of Covid-19.

She said that the application helps the front-line teams to know if a person is near a case infected with the virus, and also helps them ensure that confirmed cases comply with the required quarantine protocols.

It is noteworthy that the “precaution” application will introduce a new feature in the middle of this month to support people subject to home quarantine, if the quarantined person lives in an area where the blue board that includes the national address is not available, or if the person wants to undergo a stone in a location different from his place of residence The registrar, the application allows these individuals to use the map feature to locate the quarantine location, and individuals can choose the home quarantine location for one time, and after choosing for the first time, the chosen site will be closed throughout the quarantine period.

The Ministry of Public Health stated that answers to common questions related to the application of precaution can be obtained within the application itself and on the website dedicated to the Ministry of Health for Covid-19, and people who face technical problems can also call the number 109.

For other inquiries related to COVID-19, the support team can be contacted at 16000.