The Ministry of Public Health trained health service providers to administer vaccines in hospitals, government health facilities and private health facilities, especially those that have been newly licensed.
The two-day workshop included 70 doctors, a pharmacists, nurses and health workers. The training was part of the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health represented by the National Immunisation Programme to provide full support to health workers in all health sectors and institutions, including the private health sector, especially with the increasing role it plays in providing high-quality health services.
The workshop included a number of important scientific lectures to train participants and develop their practical and scientific skills related to providing vaccination services, and update their information with the latest developments related to vaccination services. Emphasis was placed on best practices and methods for vaccine preservation and attention from the first moment of arrival to the health facility till it is given to the patient, whether a child or an adult, especially as vaccines are highly sensitive medical products that require special care and means of preservation and transport.
Participants were also trained on how to prepare, document and archive all forms and reports on immunisation services, as this has an impact on the quality of reports and data on immunisation services at the National Immunisation Programme. The training included practical and scientific arrangements on how to deal with any side effects that may result from the vaccine administration and reporting mechanisms and channels for any of these side effects to contribute to maintaining the highest quality of immunisation services in Qatar.