HEC Paris will run an executive short programme on ‘Decision Making in Context’ on February 17-18  at its Doha Campus in Tornado Tower.
The programme, led by associate Prof Mathis Schulte, is aimed at giving participants solid knowledge and behavioural skills enabling them to make better situational judgments.
These include decision-making in high-stake environments when failure is not an option and throughout organisational crisis when every move counts. Participants will also learn to steer processes towards optimal, collective group decisions.
Prof Schulte, an expert in organisational behaviour and leadership, is currently co-ordinator of the Organisational Behaviour and Leadership modules of the HEC Paris MBA programme. Highlighting the programme’s significance, he said, “Making sound judgments is at the core of effective leadership. There are many simple recipes for making better decisions, appealing to leaders’ rationality and objectivity. This programme is aimed at offering participants logical reasoning to make sound judgments in an increasingly unpredictable and interconnected work environment. It will explore the effects on our judgement at an individual, group, and organisational level.”
The programme focuses on experiential learning, engaging participants in a series of simulations, exercises and role-plays that are linked to real-life scenarios. Lectures are connected to the exercises and give insights into the latest research in the area as well as actionable frameworks and best practices.