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Movements continue within the corridors of Qatari clubs during the coming period, in preparation for the holding of the rest of the electoral general assemblies to choose the chairmen and their deputies in both first and second degree clubs for the period from 2020 to 2024.


Candidates are searching for registering their presence in clubs club boards during the upcoming electoral cycle in order to implement their programs and plans to advance the sports scene besides seeking to achieve more football achievements or in other sports specializations.

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Although some clubs tended to choose their leaders through consensus and to recommend specific names, such as Lord Abdullah Al-Eidah, who continues to lead Al Sailiya and appoint Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani as president of Al Khor Club and Sheikh Khalifa bin Hassan Al Thani, who was recommended to lead the helm of Nawakhdeh Castle and choose Ali Al-Mesifri For the presidency of Al-Markhiya, however, some other clubs chose to enumerate the candidate lists and the names that seek to win headed by the boards of directors such as Al-Arabi, Al-Ahly, Qatar and the North Club, which confirms that the race towards the election fund will increase in excitement and excitement with the approaching dates of these general assemblies, especially in light of the emergence of many faces New enters the electoral race for the first time.

** Beyond expectations

The Arab race towards the polling box for the ordinary plenary session, scheduled for August 31, started after the closing of nominations with two lists only. The first list bearing the name “Khalifa bin Hamad” includes both Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, head of the list, and Abdullah Juma Al-Hitmi as deputy in When he heads the second list that bears the name “Al Arabi” Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti alongside Fahd Abdullah Al-Mal as a deputy in exchange for the withdrawal of Abdulaziz Abdul-Rahim Al-Bouhachem Al-Sayed and Mrs. Suhaila Al-Hareb, two members of the General Assembly.

The most exciting Arab General Assembly looms as many observers expect that the People’s Club elections will be faithful to their habit through democracy and excitement, which controls the scene until the election day, which confirms that the fund is the best choice in choosing the most suitable for the Arab in order to lead the club for the next four years in which the fans aspire To return to the podium again after a long absence that does not match the club’s name and its history of achievements.

A large number of experts unanimously agree that the race will be most intense in order to attract members of the public, especially after the clarity of vision on the names of the final candidates, as the race will be between the stability list headed by Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, the current president looking to enhance the club’s achievements in various sports And the ambition of the youth headed by Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti, who seeks more interest in football activity in order to return to the podiums, provided that the democratic choice of the Arab castle sons is due to suggest the best in leading the club amid assurances that the economic files will play a prominent role in choosing the next president of the Arab club.

** Return of Suhaim Bin Hamad’s list

The features of the electoral competition returned to its first form in the Qatrawi Castle after the decision taken by the club’s Membership and Elections Affairs Committee to approve the list of Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim for the Qatar Club elections for the 2020-2024 electoral cycle, to rekindle the competition again for the club’s presidency during the upcoming elections.

The rivalry was renewed between the two lists mentioned after the Committee for Membership and Elections Affairs accepted earlier the acceptance of the “Qatar” list, which includes His Excellency Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani as President and Ali Abdulaziz Al-Mannai as Vice President and excluded the “Suhaim bin Hamad” list that includes His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al-Thani as president and Sheikh Suhaim bin Abdulaziz Al Thani as vice-president due to the non-fulfillment of membership requirements, which prompted the excluded list to be challenged with the Sports Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The return of the Hamad bin Suhaim list opened the door for competition, which confirms that all possibilities remain contained in the general assembly of the king, which will be held on August 24, for the success of one of the two lists in obtaining the trust of members.

** A new committee at the dean’s castle

The general assembly of Al-Ahly Club decided to continue its work until holding another association for the club on August 9th, to elect a new board of directors for the club that would run the club in the new electoral session, and that is 2020/2020 where the Committee for Membership and Elections Affairs was elected and includes five members who are Youssef Kano and Abdel Rahman Al-Hajri, Nasser Faridoon, Hamad Al-Hammadi, Khaled Mustafa Al-Mostafawi, in addition to three reserve members, Abdullah Abdullah Al-Hammadi, Khaled Al-Marri and Khaled Shaya, provided that the new membership committee examines the two lists that have been nominated for the elections before, namely Abdullah Yusuf Al-Mulla and with him, Muhammad Al-Mostafawi, Vice-President and Khaled Thani The farmers, along with Nasser Thani, the farmers, as a deputy, and the candidacy will not be opened again, especially since the appeal submitted by Khaled Thani to the Sports Arbitration Commission was in the illegality of the Membership and Elections Affairs Committee, which necessitated the election of a new body.

** Exciting lists in the north

The excitement appears most intense in the second-tier Al-Shamal Club, after it submitted three lists to run for the elections that were scheduled for August 14th. The first included Ibrahim Abdullah al-Sada as president, Abdullah Shamsan al-Sada as deputy, and the second included Dr. Muhammad Issa al-Muhaizah as president and Ali Khamis al-Kubaisi as deputy. As for the third list, it is the list of Nasser Shaheen Al-Kaabi, with Hamad Abdullah Al-Nuaimi as deputy, while the list of Sheikh Khalid bin Badr Al Thani and Fahd Al-Yami did not advance as previously announced because one of the conditions had not been met.

** Intensive

preparations for the general club clubs The rest of the clubs continue their intensive preparations to hold their general assemblies in a calm manner, as the coming period will see the nomination of nominated candidates after the closing of the candidacy door in all clubs. August 13th, and Al-Rayyan Club on August 24th. The general assembly of Al-Sadd Club will be on August 30th.