Did you find a new job in Qatar and wondering about the process of Sponsorship change? Read the below important details on how to change the employer in Qatar.

Disclaimer: This article is only provided as a guide and we do not offer this as a service.

Prerequisites for Sponsorship change:

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) has to be provided by the current sponsor to transfer the sponsorship to the new sponsor.
  • The person should have completed minimum 2 years in Qatar with the current sponsor.
  • The new sponsor has to approve the transfer to his sponsorship.
  • The Sponsorship form has to be signed by the current sponsor, the new sponsor and the employee, which in turn should be verified.
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Fees and Payment:

  • First Change: QR.2000 for companies and QR.1000 for individuals.
  • Second Change: QR.2500 for companies and QR.1500 for individuals.
  • Third Change: QR.3000 for companies and QR.2000 for individuals.

Documents Required:


  • For getting the Qatar PCC, the applicant has to submit the PCC from the home country first. Our consultants at TrustLink can assist you for getting the PCC from home country and the MOFA attestation which is mandatory for it to be acceptable in CEID Office.
  • The Profession in the ID card will remain the same as in the old ID.
  • The entire process can around 10-14 days once both parties complete the sign verification process with the original computer card.
  • The MOFA attested degree certificate might be asked based on your profession. Hence make sure you carry a copy of the attested certificate and certified translation.