Travel Countries VISA-FREE with US visa
Yes, you read it correctly. Travel 49 countries and territories VISA-FREE with US visa.

I always encourage travelers from developing countries to get a US visa at some point. It opens up doors to many other countries. More and more countries are offering visa exemption with a valid US visa. This list is growing fast.

If you are worried that the VISA-FREE list for your passport is just too small, then get a US visa. It will add about 49 countries to your VISA-FREE list. This is how you give more “power” to your “powerless” passport.

Why do countries offer visa exemption to US visa holders?

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Reason 1: Strict screening
US visa application has a very strict screening process. US visa is also one of the most difficult visas to get. If you have a US visa, then you were screened pretty well already. Meaning, you do not have a criminal history or any illegal immigration intentions.

Reason 2: Strong ties to your home country
US visa application also makes sure you have strong ties to your home country. This is to avoid illegal immigration. If you were to stay illegally anywhere, you could have stayed illegally in the US itself. So, having a US visa reassures them that you have no intention of remaining in their country illegally.

Reason 3: Financial reasons
Developing countries do not have the infrastructure or the money to screen the applicants. If you were already screened by a country like the USA, there is no need to screen you again. In order to have a screening process that is as foolproof as the US, it costs a good chunk of money.