Local photographer and filmmaker Geraldine Menezes took part in a Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) project and recently had five of her photographs featured in the Qatar @roadto2022 Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Earlier this year, the SC handed out disposable cameras to more than 50 people across Qatar.
The brief for each participant was simple: “Take photos of what football means to you.”
The project was organised in collaboration with Goal Click, which is active in more than 40 countries and aims to help people around the world understand each other through football.
“Our objective was to showcase Qatar’s football culture and its deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game, while shining a light on the country’s diversity. We also wanted to give people around the world the chance to find out more about the next FIFA World Cup host nation,” the SC said in a report on its website, sc.qa.
The participation of Menezes came about by chance, as she explained to sc.qa.
Menezes, who was born in Qatar, said: “I was surprised to get involved as I only came to the kick-off meeting to accompany my brother, Bosco, who had been asked to take part. I was overwhelmed by the project and the idea behind it – straightaway I decided I would capture football through the eyes of enthusiastic children who enjoy playtime with their friends. I wanted to capture team spirit.”

Location: Barwa City “Football and style go hand-in-hand, with fans often trying to imitate the style of their icons, whether it’s their hairstyle, clothes or goal celebration. These boys wanted to make sure their hair was right and that they were strutting the right pose. They’re already paparazzi-ready,” Menezes said.