The International Business Delegation (IBD), an international investor and business network, has appointed Doha resident and entrepreneur Shakeel Ahmed Khan as the official international IBD ambassador for Tajikistan and Pakistan.
Khan is expected to lead a delegation of more than 50 entrepreneurs and investors in the region to Doha for the IBD Summit 2020 from April 6-9.
More than 1,000 delegates from over 100 cities are expected at the Summit 2020 to launch and scale ventures.
Khan was feted recently in Doha in the presence of IBD chairman Yousuf al-Jaber and directors Vineet C Nambiar, Shamseer Hamza, and Leonardo.
He is a successful entrepreneur with immense experience in the region working with some of the finest investors, entrepreneurs and influencers, according to a statement.
Khan will lead a team of local ambassadors in multiple cities in Tajikistan and Pakistan, conducting the IBD’s annual forums known as i3 Forums, an opportunity for international entrepreneurs and investors to have firsthand look at the opportunities in the region.
It also serves as a springboard for them to access international markets.
“Central Asia and Pakistan are massive reservoirs of opportunity. During the decade ahead these economies offers massive opportunities to international entrepreneurs and investors,” Khan said.
“We really want some of the most innovative companies in Central Asia and Pakistan to scale and offer their innovations and creations to the world, and Shakeel Ahmed Khan is probably the best person to realise that vision,” IBD chairman al-Jaber said.
“The IBD has always adopted a long-term vision to international opportunities and unlocking potential in some of these untapped markets, as well as offering a canvas for some of the region’s best talent to go global with their products and services,” IBD international director Nambiar stated.
An international platform focused on helping companies scale internationally, the IBD hosts annually more than 25 forums in North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, and East Asia, all leading up to the Summit in Doha.
Those interested to participate may send enquiries to