ICSS chairman Mohamed bin Hanzab.
ICSS chairman Mohamed bin Hanzab.

QNA/ Doha

International Center for Sports Security (ICSS) chairman Mohamed bin Hanzab said the State of Qatar has given an ideal model in societal and human interaction with atypical global crises.
Referring to the challenge of coronavirus, bin Hanzab added that the power of sport and its impact on societies emerge in times of crises and adversities.
ICSS chairman said the sport has demonstrated once again its ability to contribute to alleviating the impact of this crisis and that “in the Save The Dream program we are satisfied with our contribution in the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) through participation in the international campaign to raise awareness and raise funds and through the ambassadors of the program from the former stars in football and other games.
He also praised the efforts of the World Health Organization, reiterating ICSS’ full commitment, as a civil society organization, to contribute to international efforts of combating Covid-19; to participate in global awareness campaigns in different societies; and to provide advice and guidance to children, youth and all segments of society to stay in their homes and at the same time practice habits that reflect their activity so that athletes are truly role models for others in times of crisis.
ICSS chairman expressed satisfaction with the level of response of many nations with the precautionary and preventive measures taken by many countries, particularly the State of Qatar, which provided a transparent model in social and human interaction with global atypical crises such as the coronavirus pandemic.
Through its global program Save the Dream, ICSS has participated in the international efforts aimed at raising the pace of health awareness in various societies on ways to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, which is rampant in most countries of the world. The “Save the Dream” program participated in the “Clean Hands” challenge, a campaign launched by the WHO, in which the program contributed to raising awareness about personal hygiene through a wide campaign on the official platforms of the “Safe the Dream” program on social media with the participation of a number of the program’s ambassadors.
The Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom commended the “Save the Dream” program’s contribution to supporting the organization’s campaign for combating Covid-19 and commended the participation of the program’s ambassadors, extending thanks for the program’s support of the international campaign through social media platforms.