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The Center for Empowerment and Care for the Elderly “Ihsan”, one of the centers under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, announced the launch of an awareness campaign entitled “Let’s talk about Alzheimer’s”, through the center’s social media platforms, in conjunction with the World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated on the 21st. September every year.

The campaign aims to educate and educate the community about Alzheimer’s disease, its causes, symptoms and stages, highlight the most important educational guidelines and tips to deal with and prevent it, and involve all community members in this campaign to enhance the importance of caring for the elderly and identify their most important social and health needs and rights. The activities also include awareness messages that will It is broadcast on IhsanRD’s social media platforms.

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On this occasion, Mubarak Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, Executive Director of Ihsan Center, said: “In September of every year we celebrate the awareness of all age groups in the community about Alzheimer’s disease, which this year carries the title“ Let’s talk about Alzheimer’s disease ”. Alzheimer’s, which can only be achieved with the combined efforts of individuals and specialists who care for the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients.

It is noteworthy that IhsanRD concluded last month the “Let’s come back safely” campaign aimed at educating the elderly on how to return to their normal life, from all social, religious and psychological aspects, in addition to presenting a number of workshops and activities through live broadcasts on the center’s social media platforms.