It’s a common experience in Doha that after returning back to the parked car, individuals find their cars windscreen wipers lifted up or sometimes to find a note placed under wipers requesting not to park the car there again.

Finding a parking spot is becoming very tough nowadays particularly in neighborhoods where motorist frequently experience unlawful ‘No Parking’ and ‘Private Parking’ symbols on the walls. It might appear to be a typical ordeal for the vast majority of people in Doha.

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Without the consent of municipality, reserving a public parking slot is not allowed but many times a few occupants and shop owners proclaim parking slots around their property and these are frequently utilized as a private parking by them violating the law as this practice bans anybody from using that public parking spot.

Many individuals have communicated their outrage regarding such a practice and approached individuals to cease from doing it. One of the motorist explained that this conduct by some is done to save time while searching for parking spaces, according to him this practice stops others from utilizing that paring spot as sometimes they even blockade the parking spot. He said that this unlawful practice should be stopped by the authorities.

According to the law, anybody discovered drawing or writing something on the public walls of property or parks can be fined up to QR500, and is required to manage the costs of taking it back to its original frame. In many cases a number of property and shop owners believes that the public parking spots outside their shops and homes belongs to them and they are quite adamant about it.

As indicated by the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior, blocking or reserving public parking spot is unlawful. Many times, shop owners occupy the parking spot outside their shop throughout the day under the appearance of anticipating that merchandise should empty or claiming the parking spot as their own. However, the rental contact clearly includes the details about the parking spot.