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The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper revealed that the UAE authorities have begun to impose restrictions on the Lebanese who live on its territory, or those wishing to travel there. 

The newspaper indicated – in a report – that after the Abu Dhabi authorities stopped arbitrary arrests of Lebanese people, and fabricated security files for them, without any criminal or legal basis, the UAE agencies have returned to arresting Lebanese living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the details, the Lebanese newspaper revealed that seven Lebanese were arrested in the UAE about a month ago, with pressure on their families not to raise the issue in the media.

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The newspaper’s report indicated that a large number of Lebanese suffer from problems obtaining entry visas to the UAE, whether for tourism or for work. 

“Al-Akhbar” quoted what it described as “diplomatic sources” that Abu Dhabi decided to put restrictions on the Lebanese, by strictly granting entry visas to every Lebanese who has not reached the age of sixty and does not hold a residence card in one of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries or in the states. The United States of America, European Union countries, Australia and East Asian countries. 
According to the sources, the new Emirati approach is based on security coordination measures with Israel, in the post-announcement of the alliance agreements between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. 

According to security sources, which the newspaper described as “high-level,” the coordination between the UAE and the Israeli enemy intelligence services was prior to announcing the relationship agreement, revealing that the Emirati authorities had previously arrested, last year, an officer in the Mossad, who participated in the assassination attempt on the leader of the Hamas movement, Muhammad Hamdan in Saida after Interpol circulated its name, based on a Lebanese request in 2018, and the Emirati authorities quickly released it, after the Mossad contacted security in Abu Dhabi.