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In the context of supporting Turkish products against calls to boycott them, hundreds of activists from Arab and Gulf countries launched a campaign to support Turkey, through the hashtag “#popular_campaign_for_turkey”, which was issued on Twitter immediately after the launch of the campaign, and prominent media professionals and activists from all Arab and Gulf countries participated in it.

In conjunction with campaigns launched by electronic flies in some countries, calling for a boycott of Turkish products in their countries, the campaign came in support of Turkey’s goods and products, and it also came in response to statements from responsible figures such as Abu Dhabi’s advisor Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, who called for a boycott while his country opens its arms to the Israeli product.

The activists participating in the campaign expressed their pride in the Turkish industry, and praised Turkey’s supportive stance for Arab and Islamic peoples, and its support for the causes of the oppressed and oppressed around the world.

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Activists stressed that the alleged boycott campaign is due to Turkey’s exposing these regimes and revealing their violations, while Turkey stands on the lookout for every aggressor thanks to its military superiority and its successful policy in the Middle East.

The tweeters mentioned the advantages of Turkish products and the reason for their competition and superiority over others, as they are characterized by high quality, competitive prices, and deserving of support, and they are still at the forefront of Arab markets even in countries calling for a boycott.

Activists also refused to interfere with political crises between governments and impose them on the people, and demanded that the consumer be free to choose, and he, in turn, is looking for the best quality that he found in Turkish products, whether at the level of clothing, fabrics, carpets or other miscellaneous goods. While the tweeters demanded a boycott of the Israeli-Zionist product, which is the first of the campaigns to undermine the Turkish product for a Muslim country and support the peoples of Arab and Islamic countries.