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The General Customs Authority, represented by the maritime customs in Hamad Port, managed today to thwart the smuggling of a large amount of narcotic substance.

The customs authority published a video on its Twitter account, in which it said that the maritime customs in Hamad Port thwarted the smuggling of an amount of narcotic substance, the contraband had been hidden in a secret way inside a shipment of cotton mattresses.

The authority added that the number of seizures reached 1,102 parcels of tobacco, and the total weight of the prohibited substance reached 1,653 kilograms.

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The authority had achieved tangible development in the monitoring and follow-up process and reached advanced stages in combating smuggling at the local and regional levels by adopting modern intelligence methods and advanced technological techniques.

It is noteworthy that the commission rehabilitates the inspectors with specific training courses in the sense of security and suspicion, so that the inspector is familiar with the methods and types of smuggling and the latest attempts to smuggle drugs in many countries of the world.