The contraband was hidden secretly inside metal cans

Doha – East

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The General Authority of Customs announced that Ruwais Port Customs had succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of an amount of narcotic hashish, in light of its continuous efforts to prevent the entry of narcotic and prohibited substances, and to monitor and thwart any smuggling attempts that would disturb the security of the country in order to preserve its stability and safety.

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Qatar Customs said in a tweet on its Twitter account that the maritime customs thwarted the smuggling of a quantity of narcotic hashish. The contraband was hidden in a secret way inside metal cans in a container of refrigerated fruits in the customs of the port of Ruwais.

The authority added that when the cans were opened, 26 packages of hashish were found inside, with a total weight of 26.15 kg.


It is noteworthy that the authority has worked on training employees to use advanced inspection devices that can analyze the components of what is inside the bag and devise the types of materials present inside it, optimally and exploit its modern capabilities in tightening control over everything that enters the country, as well as qualifying inspectors with specific training courses in the sense Security and suspicion that the inspector is aware of the methods and types of smuggling and the latest attempts to smuggle drugs in many countries of the world.