passengers at HIA
Lucknow-bound passengers at HIA yesterday.

The Indian embassy yesterday published a revised list of repatriation flights from Doha under the Vande Bharat Mission.
The flights are for the rest of June.
Following is the schedule: June 15 (two flights) – Mumbai and Kozhikode; June 16 (one flight) – Thiruvananthapuram; June 18  (three flights) – Kozhikode, Kochi and Bhubaneswar (with a technical halt in Delhi); June 19 (three flights) – Amritsar/Srinagar (hopping), Thiruvananthapuram and Mangalore; June 20 (three flights) – Kochi, Ahmedabad and Kolkata/Bhubaneswar (hopping); June 21 (one flight) – Madurai; June 23 (one flight) – Coimbatore; June 24 (one flight) – Kochi; June 26 (one flight) – Thiruvananthapuram; June 27 (one flight) – Thiruvananthapuram; June 29 (one flight) – Kannur; and June 30 (one flight) – Kozhikode.
Fifteen of these flights will be operated by Air India Express, three by IndiGo and one by Air India.
The embassy also said that in addition to the Vande Bharat Mission flights, there are a significant number of company-chartered and community-chartered flights lined up to help repatriate Indian nationals in the coming days.
“Please keep a watch and get in touch with your community associations to know about these,” the embassy tweeted.
Meanwhile, three more flights took off from Hamad International Airport (HIA) yesterday as part of the Indian government’s ongoing repatriation initiative.
IX 1476 left Doha for Kochi with 175 passengers and eight infants, the Indian embassy said. Then, IX 1128 took off from HIA for Lucknow with 180 passengers and three infants, while IX 1774 left Doha for Kannur with 178 passengers and six infants.
These marked the 29th, 30th and 31st flights from Qatar, respectively, under Vande Bharat Mission, “bringing the total number of repatriated passengers to 5,262 plus 151 infants”, the embassy added.