*New procedures will allow employers, employees who work in the area but live outside, residents who live in the Area but work outside, enter and exit the area

The Government Communications Office (GCO) has announced the decision to reopen from today the Industrial Area until Street 32, with reorganised exit and entry procedures.
Streets 1 and 2 and Al Wakalat Street were reopened earlier. It may be recalled that the gradual reopening of the Industrial Area had commenced on April 22 with the three streets after remaining shut for around 35 days as part of the State’s efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and protect the health and safety of the inhabitants there.
The reopening of the rest of the Industrial Area is being implemented in adherence to all the preventive precautionary measures determined by the Ministry of Public Health, the GCO said.
The reorganisation of exit and entry will result in resuming work and supply chains inside and outside the Area to normal, while making sure that the community is not at risk of infections.
These procedures will allow the following groups to enter and exit the Area: employers, employees who work in the Area but live outside, residents who live in the Area but work outside.
In addition, companies operating in the Area will be allowed to transport materials and equipment by submitting in advance an application to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.
This will be detailed in the Permanent Committee for Industrial Area Affairs’ procedures guide, established by Ministerial Decision number 29 of 2016, to explain all temporary procedures that must be followed in the upcoming period.
Employers will be required to ensure all workers download the Ehteraz mobile app, which is mandatory for exit from and entry to the Industrial Area.
Inspections will be intensified to make sure all laws and procedures are implemented, such as providing adequate accommodation, reduction of the number of workers in buses to half the capacity of the vehicles, providing sanitisers and masks, and that all workers are using them properly as per the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health.
“Qatar affirms that it continues to take all necessary measures required at the current stage to protect the safety of the society and limit the spread of Covid-19,” the GCO statement said.
This decision was preceded by a number of preventive checkups and tests in area and transferring more than 6,500 workers to precautionary health quarantine, in addition to offering free medical care of high quality inside and outside the Industrial Area to all those diagnosed with the infection.

Last updated: May 06 2020 10:43 AM