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Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health begins the largest vaccination campaign in the State of Qatar during the remainder of this December and next year, against the Corona virus “Covid 19” after the arrival of the first shipment of “Pfizer and Biontech” vaccine, which obtained permission to register and emergency use for those of age 16 and over.

Here is the most important information related to the vaccination campaign with the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine:

** (1) Qatar is one of the first countries in the world to receive this type of vaccination.

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** (2) Coronavirus vaccination will be free and optional.

** (3) Dosage and immunity completeness:

* The vaccination is given in two doses, which are taken within 3 weeks. It is important that people take the second dose at the specified time because any delay can affect the ability of the vaccine to provide protection.

* Complete immunity develops approximately one week after the second dose of the vaccine.

** (4) Vaccination centers:

The vaccination will be available in 7 health centers of the Primary Health Care: Al Wajba, Leabaib, Al Ruwais, Umm Salal, Rawdat Al Khail, Al Thumama and Muaither.

** (5) Target groups:

(1) Older adults.

(2) People with severe chronic diseases for being more susceptible to complications from the virus.

(3) Some medical, nursing, and supportive medical services who deal with Corona patients on a daily basis.

(4) Health workers in homes for the elderly and home care services.

(5) To vaccinate some groups that work as first responders to some ministries and institutions in the country to ensure the progress of work in the necessary services and emergency services.

(6) There will be a gradual arrival in vaccination and its distribution according to the older and younger Sunni groups, and the majority of the population will be completed during the next year as the state works to provide the vaccine at the earliest opportunity.

** (6) Possible side effects:

* The vaccine is safe and effective by 95%, and most of the accompanying side effects are often mild to moderate, and may include pain at the site of the injection or a slight sensation of slight fatigue, muscle pain or mild heat, and it lasts from one to 3 days, and some analgesics can be used for these symptoms if called the need.

* Side effects are an indication of the body’s response to the vaccination and that it has built the necessary immunity to deal with the virus

** (7) Method of communication with vaccination centers:

* The person selected is contacted by phone or SMS and informed of the need to receive the vaccination and directed to the competent health center, and upon attendance his condition is evaluated as standard, which is a routine evaluation that is carried out before any vaccination.

* After vaccination, the patient is given a card showing the type of vaccine he received, its date and place of receipt.

* The nursing team will book an appointment to receive the second dose for the patient, and you must attend at the specified time, as the patient will receive messages to remind you of the dates of the second dose.

* (8) How the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine works:

* The vaccine protects people from infection by using what is called RNA, which stimulates the immune response against the virus to produce antibodies, as if it were exposed to the virus

* Instead of injecting a human with a weak or inactive virus, this vaccine injects RNA (the genetic material that human cells read to make proteins) into the muscle of the upper arm.

* This vaccine instructs the human body how to produce the protein that leads to the production of antibodies, so if the real virus attacks the body, the immune system will be able to recognize it.

* The vaccine does not affect a person’s DNA and there are no fears of eating it, as some claim.