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The report of Al-Asmakh Real Estate Projects Company said that the relevant authorities in the state have implemented a number of projects to develop roads and infrastructure within the scope of Al Wakra Municipality, serving 1829 housing plots in North Al Wukair and West Al Mashaf, in addition to developing roads and infrastructure for two business packages in West Al Wakra, serving 1193 A plot of land between residential, commercial and public uses, and the report noted that these completed projects come as part of the road and infrastructure development projects in Al Wakra City, which the state has allocated 6 billion riyals to implement.


Noting that the relevant authorities will implement approximately 8 huge infrastructure-related projects in the southern region of Al Wakrah – Al Wukair – Al Mashaf, to serve approximately 11 thousand new plots of land, according to official statements, and the report indicated that these projects will contribute to the recovery of the real estate sector significantly, and will positively affect the increase Real estate investment and construction and building movement in that region, and those projects will also contribute to increasing the demand for land in that region, noting that real estate prices are experiencing stability in Al Wakra, Al Wukair and Al Mushaf areas, and the report added: Among the projects that were completed is the road development project The infrastructure of citizens’ lands in North Al Wukair and serves 643 housing plots in North Al Wukair.

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The work included the construction and development of the internal road network with a total length of about 23 km and the construction of 12 interchanges to link the new residential area to the main and local roads in North Al Wukair, and the report also indicated that among the projects that were implemented was the project to develop roads and infrastructure for government divisions of citizens ’lands in the west of the hospital, the package 3, The construction includes the infrastructure to serve 1186 housing plots.Likewise, the Roads and Infrastructure Development Projects in West Al Wakra (Packages 1 and 3), which included providing an integrated infrastructure for the West Al Wakra region, and the first and third packages serve a total of 1193 plots of land between residential, commercial and public uses, and between the report that these four projects will contribute to the revitalization of demand The real estate in the areas implemented therein, especially as those areas are witnessing the establishment of several buildings, which will contribute to the integration of services in them, as it will affect the direction of real estate investors to it, which will positively affect the real estate sector in North Al Wukair, West Al Mashaf, and West Al Wakra.


The report said that roads and infrastructure development projects currently being implemented in Al-Wakra city include a road and infrastructure development project in West Al-Mashaf (package 4), which includes developing about 7 km of roads and four intersections with traffic lights, providing street lighting, in addition to establishing a network For drainage along 23 km, and the report added: The road projects that were opened in front of traffic to serve the areas of Al Wakra, Al Wukair and Al Mushaf and link them to the rest of the country, are the orbital road projects, Hamad Port Road, the seventh ring road and the southern part of the Doha Highway, and the report confirmed that these The projects will contribute to increasing the demand for land in these areas.


It will also enhance investment, especially for commercial projects (commercial complexes) in addition to tourism projects (hotels and tourist facilities), indicating that these projects will contribute towards the attention of investors to those areas, which will enhance construction and building work in those areas. The infrastructure in the southern region is part of the state’s plans to implement the infrastructure to serve 32,855 plots of land spread over 14 regions during the years from 2019 to 2022.