By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

The Labour Inspection Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) will intensify its inspection campaigns within both the old and new industrial areas as part of the Covid-19 preventive and precautionary protocol, director Fahd Zafir al-Dossari told Qatar TV yesterday.
The department will also monitor closely to ensure all the measures against Covid-19 are followed strictly at the work sites, workers’ accommodation and within the means of transportation, in particular wearing face masks, gloves, and keeping the adequate social and physical distances for the health and safety of all.
“Those companies not following the stipulations will be penalised, which include blocking them, issuing of violations, or referring to the security department concerned,” he said.
The official stressed that MADLSA will offer companies and business owners all support through granting them the necessary approvals and permits of workers entry and exit and assist them to complete and process all the necessary documentation.
They can apply for such permits through MADLSA website or contact its hotline.
He said that MADLSA inspectors have been in constant communication with both workers and business owners to ensure they are well-aware of all the necessary protection and preventive measures and how to apply them.
Business owners should in particular ensure that their workers have and use all the necessary protective gear, download Ehteraz app on their mobiles and maintain adequate distance from others at all the time. Al-Dossari said that at the start of the closure of the old Industrial Area, a labour inspection team was formed to facilitate the communication of workers with MADLSA and to raise their awareness on related issues including the e-money transfer processes, besides ensuring they have healthy and adequate accommodation and work sites and other conditions.
MADLSA in co-operation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications earlier launched an initiative to supply workers at Mekainas, health quarantine with 1,136 computers to facilitate their communication with their families and others.
There are more efforts coming in this regard.