The Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), the Indian Sports Centre (ISC) and the Indian Business & Professionals Council (IBPC), apex bodies operating under the patronage of the Indian embassy, have inaugurated their joint premises — the Integrated Indian Community Centre (IICC) — in Al Thumama.
The new premises were inaugurated by P Kumaran, Indian ambassador to Qatar, who was the chief guest of the event.
Rajesh Kamble, counsellor at the Indian embassy, was the guest of honour and is also the co-ordinating officer of IICC.
S R H Fahmi, first secretary at the embassy and co-ordinating officer, ICBF; K S Dhiman, second secretary; and Sona Soman, third secretary, also attended the inauguration ceremony. The presidents of the three apex bodies and the respective managing committee members welcomed guests and invited community members to the centre.
The ribbon-cutting of the premises was formally done by Kumaran, and the official function was held at M Kanjani Hall after officially inaugurating the hall.
P N Baburajan, ICBF president, delivered the welcome address wherein he detailed the purpose of the premises and the journey of making the dream project come true.
He thanked ambassador Kumaran for his continuous support in making the project successful.
Baburajan also thanked the community members who willingly supported the cause and for making it possible for a new premise for the three apex bodies.
Azim Abbas, IBPC president, spoke about the conceptualisation and implementation of the whole process and thanked the sponsors.
He thanked Harish Kanjani who sponsored the M Kanjani Hall in remembrance of his father, the late M Kanjani, who is also the founder-president of the ICBF.
Abbas stressed the need for support from the community members and took the audience on a virtual tour of the premises. He, too, thanked the ambassador and the Indian embassy for their continuous support, as well as the audience for their presence.
Nilangshu Dey, president of the ISC, emphasised the need for the community centre in connecting the three apex bodies. He briefed the audience on the facilities available and requested the members to make use of it and spread the message among the community members.
During his address, Kumaran appreciated the three apex bodies for their efforts in turning the idea of having a premise to reality.
He recommended that the activities at the IICC must reach out to more members in the community.
He also appreciated all the community leaders, sponsors and other entities who lent a supporting hand to the three apex bodies.
The ceremony was attended by more than 200 people, including members of the apex bodies, well-wishers and community leaders.