Doha – Qena

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This week, cinemas in Doha are showing a group of diverse international films, in conjunction with being shown in various theaters around the world, ranging from action, horror and suspense, as well as drama and biographical films.

Among the films shown this week is the action and horror film / Peninsula / The events of the film revolve around the passage of four years since the Busan train accident, where everyone fights to address the unexpected disaster that destroyed everything on the ground, and a former soldier is assigned the task of returning to the land of danger to save survivors Starring Kang Dong-won, Jung Hyun Lee and Hae-Hyo Kwon, the film is directed by Sang-Ho Yeon.

The action and suspense movie Sniper Assen End will also be shown, and it revolves around the legendary sniper (Thomas Beckett) and his son and their attempt to escape from the clutches of the CIA men, Russian mercenaries, and a ruthless trained killer seeking to kill them. He starred in the movie Tom Berenger, Chad Michael Collins and Saika Akimoto, directed by Cary Andrews.

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The movie theaters also witness the action and drama film / Force of Nature / The story of the film deals with a group of thieves trying to storm a building to steal it during a deadly storm that hits the country, while a police officer confronts them and evacuates everyone in the building, as events follow through the conflict between them, and the film Starring Mel Gibson, Emil Hirsch and David Zias, and directed by Michael Polish.

The biographical and historical drama film Mister Jones will also be shown, and its events revolve around a Welsh journalist who decides to spread the truth in Western media about the famine in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, the film by director Aniska Holland, and starring James Norton, Vanessa Kirby and Peter Sarsgaard.

The drama movie Blackwater Abyss will also be shown, and its story begins when five adventurers and friends find themselves in great danger and chased with a predatory crocodile, when the team goes on an adventure to explore a remote cave in Australia, and they must survive this crocodile, the film directed by Andrew Truckee, starring Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell and Anthony J. Sharp.

Among the Arab films, the Arab action movie, Dungeon 7, will be shown. The events of the film revolve around a man named (Mansour) who enters the prison on the sidelines of one of the cases, and then meets a simple young man called (Harbi) who is exposed to a crisis that also enters into prison. Cell 7) that brings them together, a conflict arises between them, the film starring Nidal Al-Shafei, Ahmed Zahir and Maya Nasri, and directed by Ibram Neshat.