30 Apr 2018 – 10:10

International meet on social responsibility from May 6

Abdul Latif Al Yafei (left), Executive Director of Al-Faisal Without Borders Foundation, and Ali Talal Mari, Executive Director of the Foundation, during the press conference yesterday. Pic: Abdul Basit / The Peninsula

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

DOHA: Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation yesterday announced that under the auspices of Prime Minister and Interior Minister, H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalfa Al Thani, the Third International Scientific Conference on Social Responsibility will kick off from May 6 till 8 at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).

This was announced during a press conference held yesterday at the Marquis Marriott Hotel in the presence of Abdul Latif Al Yafei, Executive Director of Al-Faisal Without Borders Foundation and Ali Talal Mari, Executive Director of Foundation.

Under the title of  “Education is social responsibility in light of changes and crises”, this conference features five sections. Three-day conference will feature 40 exhibitors and 15 countries will participate.

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The aim of the conference is to reach the most important target group in Qatar, namely students, teachers, parents and interested individuals to become our partners in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.

Ali Talal Mari said: “This conference comes in five sections, in each section we have tried to cover different areas of education. These sections include, First: Principles, fundamentals and social responsibility in education sector, Second: Roles of different entities in enriching and supporting the education sector, Third: Different ways to measure the success and strength of initiatives taken in education sector, Fourth: laws and legislations regarding education and Fifth: Successful scientific initiatives in education sector.”

“The conference has so far received about 170 research papers from more than 13 Arab and foreign countries. More than 49 research abstracts have been approved, in addition to the receipt of more than 29 full papers approved for submission to the conference,” he added.

The conference will bring speakers and researchers from Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, U.K, Malaysia and many more. This conference will open doors for not only Arab audience but also international audience.

Al Yafei, said: “The conference is a belief in the role played by the private sector in achieving development and progress in the education sector in Qatar. There will be a number of subjects on education that will be discussed in the three-days, as well as recommendations that will contribute to raising the level of education in Qatar.”