Qatar to introduce hefty fines for wasting water

Wasting or careless use of valuable water resources in Qatar could turn out be an expensive mistake in the near future as lawmakers are considering hefty penalties for wastefulness.

The Advisory Council yesterday recommended a fine of up to QR10,000 for wasteful use of drinking water for washing cars or cleaning the courtyard of houses or other buildings.

After studying the draft law, the council recommended that fine will be reduced to QR5,000 after reconciliation.

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The draft law stipulates a fine of maximum QR20,000 and minimum QR10,000 for wasting water. The current law for waster of water stipulates a fine of QR4,000 and QR1,000 after reconciliation.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry said the connections of water and electricity has reached 64,000 in Qatar out of which 13 percent connections are of Qataris and rest are of expatriates. Wastage of water leads to wastage of money as water is subsidised in Qatar.
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Source News: Qatar Living