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The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, discussed yesterday with Mr. Karim Khan, head of the United Nations investigation team to enhance accountability for ISIS crimes, the means for the team’s mission to achieve justice. The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, in a statement, that Hussein confirmed during the meeting that the government would continue to provide full support to the investigation team, stressing the importance of joint coordination on combating terrorism to establish security and stabilize stability. The two sides stressed the necessity of continuing dialogue and joint action in various fields in order to reach good results.

In turn, the UN official gave a briefing on his activities and work in Iraq during the previous period. The investigation team was formed based on a UN Security Council resolution in September 2017, and began its work in August 2018, to collect evidence of crimes committed by ISIS in Iraq.

In turn, the Joint Operations Command in Iraq confirmed yesterday that the international coalition has obligations towards Iraq in training and combating ISIS. “The international coalition is obligated to withdraw according to a timetable,” said Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji, a spokesman for the leadership, adding that the leadership has worked to change its tactics, transfers and movements of the forces, as well as intensifying intelligence efforts to pursue armed elements and protect diplomatic missions. Al-Khafaji stressed that Iraq should not be allowed to be alone and isolated from the countries of the world, and it will not be an arena for liquidations, and an arena for attacking diplomatic missions.

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At the same time, a convoy carrying the equipment of the international coalition withdrawing from Iraq was exposed to an explosion in the south of the country. The Security Media Cell stated, in a statement, that the equipment that was transported by Iraqi companies was targeted by an explosive device on the road between Samawah and Diwaniyah. The statement added that the explosion damaged one of the cars, while the convoy continued to move towards its intended destination.

On the other hand, the Karbala Operations Command in southern Iraq began a security operation to pursue the remnants and remnants of ISIS. A security source said that the Karbala Operations Command has embarked on a process of surveying and inspecting the areas that fall within its responsibility, to pursue armed elements and outlaws, indicating that this process aims to enhance security and stability in the region. In another context, two explosive devices exploded in a school in Al-Baladiyat area, east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. A security source said that the explosion did not result in any human damage.