In Qatar, a show of unity during Eid Al Fitr

Hundreds of thousands of people convened for Eid Al Fitr prayers around Qatar early this morning, marking a solemn and unified moment before the festivities officially began around town.

At the iconic Qatar Faculty for Islamic Studies (QFIS) mosque in Education City, some people turned up at Fajr time (around 3am) and stayed until Eid prayers began two hours later.

Even though it was already hot, the sun was not yet beating down, so many chose to sit outdoors with the imam.

And the Emir, his father and several others performed Eid prayers at Wajbah Palace.

HH the Emir, HH the Father Emir Perform Eid Prayer

This Ramadan has been one of international turmoil, and on Monday there was a series of suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia, including in Medina and outside of a Shia mosque in Qatif.

In Qatar, authorities condemned the attacks and expressed their support of the country’s minority Shia community around Eid time.