** Hanegbi said that Israel opposes selling the F-35 to any country in the Middle East, whether we have peace with it or not

An Israeli official has resolved the controversy surrounding the UAE’s desire to purchase American F-35 aircraft, ruling out Abu Dhabi’s acquisition of this advanced plane, regardless of the normalization agreement that his country signed with the UAE recently.

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The “Times of Israel” website quoted the Israeli Minister of Settlements Affairs, Tzachi Hanegbi, an ally of Netanyahu, as saying, “We oppose even selling one bolt of the stealth fighter jets to any country in the Middle East, whether we have peace with it or not. This is our position, and it has been done.” Presented it in the past and clarified it in recent weeks.

The newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” had reported that the United States intends to sell the fifth generation of F-35 stealth aircraft to the UAE as part of the normalization agreement recently announced between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. Netanyahu hastened to deny the report, describing it as false news.

In another indication that the sale of F-35s – at least to the Emiratis – is linked to the normalization agreement, Emirati officials told the Walla news site Monday night that a joint photo between Israeli, Emirati and American officials had been canceled in light of Netanyahu’s statements against the deal.

Hanegbi pointed out that the Emiratis “have been demanding the acquisition of the F-35 for six years, and perhaps as some believe that this normalization agreement will make selling these aircraft easier if now they can say that there is peace between Israel and the UAE.”

Hanegbi, who previously held the position of Minister of Regional Cooperation, who oversees Israel’s relations with other countries in the Middle East, confirmed that the sale of F-35 fighters was not officially part of the normalization agreement with the Emirates, but he acknowledged the existence of a link between the two, pointing out that the issue of This F-35 was not raised as it is with regard to the agreement between us and the Emirates. “

 Although Hanegbi and other Israeli officials have indicated that the UAE’s acquisition of the F-35 – one of the most advanced operational aircraft in the world – is an exaggeration, reports stated that the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) is pressing for Israel to sell its advanced weapons to Abu Dhabi for years, despite opposition from the Ministry of Defense, which fears the arrival of military technology to other countries.

Referring to the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, the report of Yedioth Ahronoth indicated, Tuesday, that “in an attempt to improve relations with the UAE following an incomplete assassination that caused embarrassment to Israel in Dubai in 2010, the Mossad urges Netanyahu’s approval to sell weapons to the UAE, including This includes secret, high-precision ammunition, as well as powerful technological tools such as the “Pegasus” smartphone penetration program, developed by the electronic intelligence company “NSO Group”.

Hanegbi, who spoke to 103FM Radio on Tuesday morning, said that Israel’s opposition to the US selling F-35s to the UAE has not changed in light of the normalization agreement, adding that he believes that even if the F-35 sale goes ahead despite Israeli opposition Official, the United States will find a way to compensate Israel militarily.

He said, “Even if there is a possibility that they will not accept our position, they will find a way to enhance our advantages, as they did in the past.” We realize that we might have some kind of conflict with them. “

Adding that Washington is legally obligated to maintain Israel’s military superiority in the Middle East – officially known as “Qualitative Military Excellence” (QME) – although this has not always prevented Washington from agreeing to advanced arms sales to countries in the region. Israel does not have a veto over US arms sales. Rather, the United States makes its decision based on the Pentagon’s assessments of Israel’s military strength and how these deals might affect it.