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About a month after Bahrain signed an agreement with Israel to establish diplomatic relations between them, the features and mysteries of this agreement that Bahrain signed before formulating its clauses are clear in a clear continuation of compliance and submission to the UAE’s agenda, as the Israeli website “Walla” revealed that Bahrain asked Israel to sign an agreement Temporary in the form of a “joint statement” and not a complete “peace treaty”.

According to the website, the reason for this is the fear of internal criticism and voices rejecting the agreement between Manama and Tel Aviv, and that Bahrain wants to move forward with establishing relations with Israel, but gradually, unlike the UAE, noting that the Israeli side agreed to the Bahraini request.

The website, quoting senior Israeli and American officials, added that Israel and Bahrain will sign, on Sunday, a “joint statement on establishing diplomatic relations” between them, as the declaration will be signed in Manama by senior officials from Israel and Bahrain under the auspices of US Treasury Secretary Steve Manuchin and White House envoy Avi Berkowitz. The agreement will deal with establishing full diplomatic relations and opening embassies.

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Israeli officials indicated that the two-page joint statement would be a kind of interim and preliminary agreement between the two parties – and a step on the way between the “peace declaration signed in the White House on September 15 with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, and the signature.” On a comprehensive peace agreement. “

For his part, a senior Israeli official said: “The aim is to start implementing the peace declaration issued by the White House, to introduce more details to it, and to define general principles for relations between the two countries,” noting that the joint declaration will be the framework under which a series of agreements will be signed in various fields.

Regardless of establishing diplomatic relations and opening embassies, the joint statement will state that the two parties will not take hostile measures against each other and will work to prevent hostilities by a third party.

 The declaration will also confirm, according to the site, Bahrain and Israel’s commitment to coexistence and peace education, and it will also specify a list of areas in which agreements will be signed, namely: investment, civil aviation, tourism, trade, science and technology, environment, communications, post, health, agriculture, water, energy and legal cooperation.

The website also indicated that it is not clear which of the members of the Israeli delegation, which will arrive in Manama on Sunday, will sign the “joint declaration” on the part of Israel, as the delegation includes the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alon Auschbis or National Security Adviser Meir Ben Shabat, and it is also expected that it will obtain Government approval and possibly even Knesset approval.