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The “Salama Ya Sudan” campaign, launched by the Charitable Organization to collect donations for an urgent response, with the aim of providing relief to more than half a million people affected by the worst floods in Sudan in 100 years, raised an amount of 89 million 669 thousand and 812 riyals within two hours as a result of the response that the campaign found from Good people and benefactors in Qatar and various companies, institutions and banks.
His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, donated 50 million riyals to the campaign to enable it to mitigate the great damage caused to the Sudanese by the floods.
The Qatar Media Foundation organized the special coverage of the campaign on Qatar TV, in addition to the media, channels and local radio stations from nine o’clock to eleven o’clock yesterday evening, in the success of the campaign .. Also, Al-Sharq newspaper, for its part, immediately covered the campaign’s activities through its digital platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the website. Mail.

The campaign found great interaction from the people of Qatar, individuals, groups, institutions, companies and banks, as well as children and students interacting with the campaign.

His Excellency Mr. Abdul Rahim Al-Siddiq Muhammad, the Sudanese ambassador to Qatar, described the campaign as an automatic gift from the people of Qatar stemming from a human conscience, stressing that the people of Qatar are permanent brothers and sisters who stood with Sudan and with other Arab and Islamic countries because Qatar cares about Arab and humanitarian affairs, but extends its humanitarian hands to every needy person. The world .. The Sudanese ambassador affirmed that the Sudanese government and people appreciate this gift from Qatar’s leadership, government and people.
The Security and Defense Council in Sudan declared a state of emergency throughout the country, due to the record floods that left more than 100 people dead, and destroyed or damaged more than 100,000 homes, according to the official Sudanese News Agency.

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The value of donations in the form of stocks and relief baskets was determined as follows: An urgent relief share (200 riyals) … a food basket (300 riyals) .. a shelter provision share (500 riyals).

Sudanese high esteem for the campaign

His Excellency Mr. Abdul Rahim Al-Siddiq Muhammad, the Sudanese Ambassador in Qatar, described the campaign organized by the Charitable Works Authority and the interaction with it by the philanthropists of individuals and companies as an automatic gift from the people of Qatar stemming from a human conscience that sits on the throne of this conscience, His Highness, the Emir of the country. He said: The people of Qatar are elite people who are accustomed to it with Sudan and with other Arab and Islamic countries, because Qatar cares about the Arab and humanitarian affairs, but extends its humanitarian hands to you in need in the world.
He added, “This campaign to help the people of Sudan is motivated by love and mutual cordiality between the people of Qatar and the people of Sudan, stressing that the Sudanese government and people appreciate this gift from the people of Qatar .. He pointed out in the meantime that His Excellency the Prime Minister of Sudan welcomed the initiatives by the leadership in Qatar,” noting That the leadership’s interest in the Sudanese situation, especially in this disaster that struck Sudan, indicates the depth of the links between Khartoum and Doha.
The Sudanese ambassador affirmed that the initiative “peace, oh Sudan” stems from the heart of the Qatari conscience and was set up to exchange cordiality with the people of Sudan. The Sudanese ambassador said: His Highness’s directives to help Sudan have made all Qataris ready to help their brothers in Sudan.
His Excellency the Sudanese Ambassador valued the donation made by His Highness, the Emir of the country, indicating that His Highness has always supported the Sudanese people in their vital issues, referring to the effort made by Qatar to achieve peace in all parts of Sudan .. He pointed out that the leadership of the two countries are working together for the sake of Strengthening fraternal relations and everything that would benefit the peoples of the two countries.

Faisal Al-Fahida: Qatar Charity is at the center of the action

Mr. Faisal Rashid Al-Fahida, Assistant CEO of the Operations and International Partnerships Sector at Qatar Charity said: Qatar Charity has interacted since the beginning of the disaster, by forming an emergency cell and communicating with its permanent office in Sudan, and at the same time it coordinated with the competent authorities, whether in Qatar or in Sudan. Coordination with the Qatar Red Crescent to implement this campaign in order to mobilize donations from the people of Qatar to support and assist their brothers in Sudan.

He added: The Qatar Charity office worked from the first day in coordination with the Humanitarian Action Commission in Sudan, where urgent assistance was provided, represented by foodstuffs, blankets and medical supplies, as they were distributed in different regions of Sudan.

The Assistant CEO of the Operations and International Partnerships Sector at Qatar Charity affirmed that the aid and donations donated by the people of Qatar will arrive on time to those who deserve it, indicating that Qatar Charity has an office there in Sudan that handles the distribution and coordination with the competent authorities in Sudan .. And Al-Fahida said in the meantime that Qatar Charity is transferring an air bridge from Turkey and Pakistan in cooperation with Qatar Airways .. He pointed out to Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Qatar Fund for Development, it will undertake rehabilitation work for the medical sector in Sudan.

Ali Al Hammadi: We will do our best to help the Sudanese

Ambassador Ali Al Hammadi, Secretary-General of the Qatari Red Crescent, who participated in the campaign from the ground in Sudan, said that the size of the losses is very large, indicating that the Red Crescent interacted with the event from the first day .. and said that he was keen to follow the event Directly, as he made visits to many areas affected by the floods, he mentioned in the meantime that the Red Crescent had coordinated with its partner the Turkish Red Crescent and the Sudanese Red Crescent .. and stressed that the Qatar Red Crescent will make all its efforts to provide aid to those affected in Sudan to mitigate the negative effects that As a result of the disaster, he drew, in the meantime, to the great destruction of infrastructure and the infliction of agricultural areas … Ambassador Al-Hammadi expressed his concerns about the spread of diseases following the floods, pointing out that the Red Crescent will provide medical assistance that increases the efficiency of health centers and hospitals in Sudan.

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Malki: “Peace be upon you, Sudan” is a true epic.

Eng. Ibrahim Al-Maliki, Executive Director of the Qatari Red Crescent participating in the campaign, said: The Red Crescent used to support the people during the occurrence of disasters, describing the campaign that took place yesterday, and the interaction with the people of Qatar’s goodness, as a true epic, reminding the saga. What the people of Qatar did during the previous days when they rose to support the people of Lebanon when the explosion occurred in the port of Beirut. Al-Maliki said that the Disaster Management Center of the Red Crescent followed the disaster from the very first moments and immediately began flying planes that include relief and medical materials in addition to food .. He said that the Red Crescent sent more than 2 tons of medical materials, which were distributed to health centers and hospitals because these Health authorities were the most affected by the flood disaster.

Al-Maliki added that the Red Crescent focused a lot on medical materials, as it sent two planes in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent, where they were distributed to health centers and hospitals .. Meanwhile, he said that the Qatar Red Crescent is discussing with the Qatar Fund for Development in order to direct support to restore the health sector to normal so that it can To provide health services to the Sudanese.

Dr.. Badruddin Othman: The people of Qatar are racing to scare the needy

The preacher Dr. Badr al-Din Othman said that the interaction of the people of Qatar, among the philanthropists, individuals and groups, and from companies and institutions, indicates the good qualities and the authentic elite that characterize the people of Qatar when calamities and disasters occur in others, indicating that the people of Qatar are always racing in such humanitarian conditions .. The preacher emphasized Dr. Badruddin said that His Highness was the first to do good when he directed to send aid to the people of Sudan and when he donated 50 million riyals, indicating that this generosity by His Highness the Amir was a motivation for the people of goodness to interact with the campaign.

Dr.. Fadl Murad: Helping the people of Sudan is our duty

. Dr. said. Fadl Murad, a professor at the College of Sharia at Qatar University, said that the initiative to give and give is one of the legitimate duties, stressing that helping the brothers in Sudan is among those duties because what they have been subjected to from the trials extended to affect a number of the most important necessities of their lives, such as housing, food and drink, stressing that it is not permissible for a Muslim To watch his brothers being exposed to what they are being exposed to now and stand by.
Dr. Murad preferred to pay zakat next year to help the brothers in Sudan, pointing out that the scholars have issued a fatwa permitting the expeditious payment of zakat for the coming years in cases of necessity
and expressed his confidence in the Qatari people and their good deeds, adding that he has lived in Qatar for two decades and has been discovered in the children of this people Al-Tayyib 4 characteristics, the first of which is the dream, then the intense religious affection with their brothers, that they do not wrong people, and finally the quality of charity.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Faragabi: History will preserve for His Highness his honorable stances.

The honorable preacher, Dr. Ahmed Al-Farajabi said that the pens of history will record for His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, many of the positions, indicating his highness’s stance towards the Sudanese people in their current plight, not strange to his highness or to the Qatari people .. saying: We are used to our people in Qatar To such situations in all the crises that the Islamic Ummah and many countries of the world have experienced, asking the Almighty to make their repression of thoughts a protection for them from dangers.
He said that the words fail his highness to fulfill his rights, noting that His Highness and His Excellency the Prime Minister took the initiative to contact the leaderships in Sudan to express solidarity with their brothers there.
Dr. praised. Al-Farjabi donated the children to the campaign, indicating that this means that the good will continue and that we add through such occasions educational meanings as well.
He said that it is permissible for a Muslim to pray for himself after doing acts of obedience, including donation in such campaigns, and it is also permissible for him to donate with the intention of goodness for his children, adding that this act was the approach of some of the Companions, may God Almighty be pleased with them.
He explained that such fraternal endowments are a great secret of the Islamic Sharia secrets that show us that the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, pointing out that this pause from those with determination will contribute to relieving their brothers in Sudan financially and morally.

Dr.. Abdullah Al-Sada: Qataris share a meal with their brothers

His Eminence Dr. Abd Allah, the gentlemen, that it is permissible for a person to collect in his donation more than one intention without detracting from his reward in any way, calling on companies to donate to support this campaign in order to alleviate the ordeal that their brothers in Sudan suffer from, even from the funds allocated for advertisements that they publish in the media , Adding that the Almighty God will achieve for them the goal that they were seeking to achieve from behind the ads.
He pointed out that it is permissible for a Muslim to announce his name in the donation and that he may also conceal it, indicating that announcing the name in it urges others to donate.
Dr. commented. Abd Allah, the gentlemen, on the fractions that characterized the donations of some philanthropists, pointing out that these are as if they are applying the hadith of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, “Beware of fire, even if you cut a date.”