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The Doha Bid Committee to host the 2030 Asian Games today unveiled its bids before the Evaluation Committee of the Olympic Council of Asia with a commitment to organize an exceptional edition of the Asian Games, forming a gateway to a true legacy that benefits all National Olympic Committees in Asia.
The Doha 2030 file committee confirmed that in light of the readiness of all permanent sports stadiums and facilities, the city of Doha has an unprecedented opportunity to re-orientation, time and investments that usually focus on preparing infrastructure, towards helping Asian sports to recover from the consequences of the Corona pandemic “Covid-9” .

And based on the great experiences of the city of Doha, especially after hosting the 2006 edition of the Asian Games, the Doha 2030 Committee has developed a preferred plan for the sustainable legacy program under the title “Legacy Project 21”. The program will assist many Asian National Olympic Committees from next year 2021 until the date Holding the Games in 2030 and after the Games. The Doha file committee preferred to keep the details of the program that it finished preparing in the past months, but it is expected that these details will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Realizing a long-term legacy for the continent
On this occasion, His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Doha 2030 File Committee, said: “Legacy and sustainability are a priority and pillar of our file, and we have carefully studied the benefits of the 2006 Asian Games hosted by Doha in order to use them in the Doha 2030 Games to achieve a legacy. Long term for the Asian continent. “

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His Excellency added: “The legacy plans that we have put forward are based on principles of participation, trust and certainty that only the State of Qatar can provide, matters that seem more important in this period of uncertainty more than ever before, and that these plans are consistent with social, economic and development goals. The head of the Doha 2030 file committee renewed the pledge to organize an extraordinary session in the history of Asian sport, saying: “We assure you and the sports fans of our continent to organize an unprecedented session in dazzling them, and to build a legacy that represents a qualitative addition to the sporting potential in the continent and resonates outside the State of Qatar. We won the honor of hosting the 2030 Asian Games, and we are determined – and able – to make these Games a gateway to a brighter future for Asian sport. “

Sport is part of Qatar’s identity
His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani added: “Sport is an integral part and a fundamental truth of the identity of the State of Qatar, which believes deeply in the important role it can play in leading social change and in promoting peace and understanding.”
The Doha 2030 Committee focused on the importance of the existing infrastructure and the great experience in organizing sports tournaments in giving the Asian continent the opportunity to feel certainty and in our ability to promise the Asian continent to build a sustainable legacy, and this certainty was reflected in the financial presentation of the Doha 2030 file, which highlighted the Games budget Without the lowest level of risk, due to the low amounts required to be spent and the strength of the Qatari economy.

A national priority
On his part, His Excellency Jassim bin Rashid Al Buainain, CEO of the Doha 2030 File Committee, said: “On behalf of the Doha 2030 file committee, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the members of the Asian Evaluation Committee for the time they spent with us. And as this visit proved, our file brings together all the Qatari sports family, so I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our partners for their support in this endeavor. “
“Our file is not only a priority for the State of Qatar, but it also sheds light on how we can serve the priorities of other National Olympic Committees in Asia. Thanks to the legacy of the Doha 2006 Games, Doha now has the opportunity to give back to the members of the Olympic Council of Asia,” he added. … we affirm today our readiness to organize an exceptional edition of the Games, which will constitute a gateway to certainty and a magical experience during the Games … and a gateway to a sustainable legacy from this moment on. “

Al-Obaidly: Doha is the most suitable partner for Asian sports
The Doha 2030 file committee shed light on the marketing aspects, the program of the session, the opening and closing ceremonies, and the media rights in front of the evaluation committee that toured the headquarters of the beIN Sports Channels network. Commenting on the visit, the CEO of beIN Media Group, Youssef Al-Obaidly, said: “We are pleased to receive the delegation of the Olympic Council In support of us, in support of Doha’s bid to host the 2030 Asian Games, where we briefed the guests on the exceptional broadcast capabilities, technologies and competencies of our group, which enabled it to uniqueness at the forefront of the sector in 24 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We also celebrated beIN’s long-term partnership with the Asian Games. The Asian Games from 2005 to 2026, which we hope will extend further, and we believe that Doha, supported by all its sports institutions, will be the most appropriate partner for Asian sports, so that it continues to lead and inspire future generations in the world.
The delegation also visited Uri, the mascot of the Doha 2006 Games, which reminds everyone of the legacy of that tournament that is still alive today.

The evaluation committee concluded its visit with a press conference for the Qatari and international media, and the conference was attended by Mr. Krikov, Chairman of the Committee, and Mr. Vinod Kumar Tiwari, a member of the Committee, as representatives of the Olympic Council of Asia.