Jumbo Electromech has said it is now providing, through its partner Bosch, a new version of Aviotec based on smoke and flames detection algorithms specially developed for use in tunnels and which have been optimised in comprehensive tests in real environments.
In a press statement, Jumbo Electromech said the new Aviotec cameras – IP Starlight 8000 – require only seven lux ambient light to reliably detect smoke and flames using integrated intelligent video analysis. For use in tunnels, Bosch has also more than doubled the detection range from 50m to over 100m by using new lenses. This corresponds to the usual distance between cameras for video surveillance in such environments.
Thus, Aviotec allows the same cameras to be used for video surveillance as well as for fire detection and thereby reduces investments and operating expenses.
These new cameras approved by the Qatar Civil Defence can be part of a fire alarm system that minimises accident risks through “very early fire alarm detection and simultaneous video surveillance, which benefits from the intelligent video analysis in the cameras”, the statement explained.
By continuously tracking movement curves, they can automatically detect stationary vehicles as well as motorists driving the wrong way or people on the road.
As with the detection of smoke or flames, a message is also generated in these cases so that safety personnel can immediately take appropriate measures and minimise the risk of an accident. Intelligent video analysis is implemented in the cameras themselves and therefore does not require a central server, which could represent a so-called “single point of failure”. Aviotec also records machine-searchable metadata of all scenes, thus enabling very rapid forensics when investigating the cause of a fire or an accident.
Aviotec was the first solution for video-based fire detection to pass the demanding test procedure of German VdS Schadenverhütung even before this updated version. VdS had conducted the test procedure in accordance with the VdS guidelines 2203, “Requirements for fire protection software”, and the “Specifications for testing flame detectors”.
In April 2019, the Aviotec IP Starlight also received certification in accordance with the Australian standard, CSIRO TS010, for video-based fire detection systems. Apart from tunnels, as a VdS- and CSIRO-certified solution, Aviotec is suitable to improve early fire and flame detection in almost every building with large dimensions as it avoids the need of smoke or heat to migrate to the sensor. Aviotec can thus be used in large warehouses, hangars, airports, extensive shopping centres, generator halls and similar structures, the statement added.
Operators who are already using an Aviotec solution can upgrade to the new version with a free firmware update. In existing applications where a longer range is required, an upgrade can also include the purchase of a new lens.
Jumbo Electromech is one of the leading companies in the MEP industry in Qatar, and has been successfully implementing various projects in safety and security systems over the years. It is Ministry of Interior-approved for video surveillance, safety and security devices and Qatar Civil Defence-approved for fire and life safety systems.