The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara has opened two art exhibitions in Building 18. The first expo is the Fine Art Exhibition by the Qatari artists Mohamed Junaid, Aisha al-Mohannadi and Indian artist Mahesh Kumar, and the second is for the photography exhibition by a group of Qatari and Indian photographers, in co-operation with the Youth Hobbies Center. The two exhibitions, which were unveiled on Monday, are part of the Qatar-India 2019 Year of Culture.
The Fine Art Exhibition displayed great artistic experiences of artists Mohamed Junaid, Aisha al-Mohannadi and Mahesh Kumar, who conveyed various images of Indian rich cultures and human heritage.
In this regard, Mohamed Junaid’s drawing of faces from India features a close connection with the land and tells different stories, saying faces always tell stories, even if they don’t pronounce them, some of them tell stories of struggle and some of them tell stories of sadness and pain and some that tell stories of love and joy.
Aisha al-Mohannadi’s paintings, however, highlighted the historical depth of the economic and trade relationship between Qatar and India, and stressed that her works are inspired by the old relations between the two countries.
Among the most important types of trade between them is the trade of tea, spices and oud fragrance.
For his part, the Indian artist Mahesh Kumar presented paintings of realistic feature, adding touches to the beauty of ancient buildings and places to tell visitors the stories that related to the magnificence and richness of charming India.
The photography exhibition, which is organised by Katara in co-operation with the Youth Hobbies Center, includes about 50 paintings by a number of Qatari and Indian photographers, who shed light on several shots from India and Qatar, both in terms of faces and features or customs, traditions or landscapes.
The two exhibitions will last until September 28. They are among the various Indian exhibitions and events hosted by Katara within Qatar-India 2019 Year of Culture events that aim to strengthen the relations between the two countries by inviting the public to discover the two cultures.