Katara to launch winter festival ‘Leshtah’ today

Katara, the Cultural Village, is all set to launch the second edition of the winter festival “Leshtah” today. A number of public and community entities have come together to organise the five-day festival being held at Katara Esplanade.

The Childhood Cultural Centre, Doha Youth Centre, Qatar Heritage and Identity Centre, Qatar Society of Al Gannas, Al Galayel Championship, Katara Cultural Market and Bin Muftah Medical Centre, in addition to popular clubs and Al Ada’am Team for Harley motorbikes are among the organisers.

The Childhood Culture Centre will provide a miniature village with five small houses for children to view the various activities of local households. Qatar Heritage and Identity Centre will present an interactive theatrical show which talks about winter in Qatar and its particular daily activities.
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Source News: Gulf Times