Ahmed Ibrahim

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Have you ever heard that the military or social history mentioned that the army of a state was participating in protecting a neighboring country, while the ruler of this neighboring country was planning to invade and occupy the state that protected it with the blood of its soldiers?

In an almost in-depth research process, no such incident has been reached throughout ancient and modern history, while the truth is that the year 2017 truly witnessed this dramatic scene based on the Qatari army’s line-up on the southern border of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the defense of its land, its display and its honor while its King Salman bin Abdul is planning Al-Aziz in invading and occupying Qatar after its siege …

Foreign Policy magazine revealed that US President Donald Trump “strongly rejected” during a phone call with King Salman bin Abdulaziz on June 6, 2017, a proposal to invade Qatar, that is, one day after the blockading countries severed their diplomatic relations with Qatar and imposed a blockade on them by closing all air ports. And marine and land.

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On June 6, 2017, members of the Qatari army were still on the southern border of the queen, fighting anyone who tries to attack her land, while there are those who try to attack Qatari territory in an incident that may be difficult for the mind to accept and accept its logic.

The American magazine made it clear that the United States – after its refusal to invade Qatar – requested the activation of Kuwaiti mediation to resolve the dispute within the borders of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Foreign Policy praised the Turkish role in the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in standing by Qatar and rejecting the blockade imposed on it, as well as activating the joint defense agreement signed by the two countries in 2014 under which military forces were sent to the Turkish base in Qatar.

Qatari soldiers were killed in the southern border

Months before King Salman planned to invade Qatar, a number of soldiers of the Qatari armed forces participating in the protection of the kingdom were martyred.

When they approached the checkpoint, the car went out of its lane and overturned twice, which led to the exit of 3 people out of 4 who were in the car at the moment of its overturn, and colliding with the surrounding rocky ground, where most of the injuries were in the head and smashed into the skull.

Other than them, many Qatari soldiers were also martyred in defense of the kingdom, believing in the unity of fate, brotherhood, blood, lineage, and religion, all of which may not have come to the mind of those who were planning to occupy and invade Qatar.