THE search for hidden rooms behind the painted walls of King Tutankhamun’s tomb will resume this month, with a new radar survey of his burial chamber.

A team of Italian researchers from the Polytechnic University of Turin will use new radar technology capable of peering up to 10 meters into solid rock.

“It will be a rigorous scientific work and will last several days, if not weeks,” the project’s director Professor Franco Porcelli told science news service Seeker.

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“Who knows what we might find as we scan the ground.”

It will be the third investigation of the tomb within the past two years.

An initial scan was initially met with excitement by Egypt’s ministry of antiquities. It revealed a ‘90 per cent chance’ there were further chambers yet to be discovered, officials declared.

Egypt’s tourism minister went even further: “We do not know if the burial chamber is Nefertiti or another woman, but it is full of treasures … It will be a ‘Big Bang’ — the discovery of the 21st century.”

But follow-up scans conducted by the National Geographic Society failed to confirm the existence of any chambers.