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Kuwaiti security sources reported that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior issued a decision to deport the Lebanese broadcaster “Sazdel” in the public interest, based on a complaint that she violated public morals by publishing clips that were immoral.

According to the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas newspaper, the decision came after the Lebanese broadcaster recently published pictures of her vulgar and offensive to public morals through her accounts on social networking sites.

 The security sources said, “The General Administration of Criminal Investigation (the Arts Investigation) referred the broadcaster to the Deportation Department, and a ticket was booked for her on the Kuwaiti Airlines flight, heading to Beirut this evening, specifically at 1.30 pm, and it will leave the country after being fingerprinted.

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On the other hand, she denied. The General Administration of Security Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior What was circulated on social media regarding the arrest of a resident of Arab nationality wearing the military uniform of the Ministry of Interior set up a checkpoint and violating citizens and residents not to wear masks.

The administration also confirmed that what was circulated is incorrect and that the Ministry of Interior will take all necessary legal measures against this online account that promoted the news, as it constitutes a crime of spreading false news in accordance with the Telecommunications Law, and all measures will be taken.