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The agencies operating in Kuwait International Airport are continuing their preparations for the gradual restart, and Kuwait Airways announced the opening of reservations to 7 regional and international destinations starting from early August.

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The “Kuwaiti”, that the destinations are Dubai, London, Geneva, Beirut, Cairo, Bahrain, Istanbul, Bodrum and Trabzon.

Al-Qabas newspaper said that, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers, preparations are continuing to restart Kuwait Airport, as the operational capacity of commercial flights in the first phase, which will start on August 1, will be 30%, while the rate of operation of flights in the second stage will reach 50 percent, and the third by 100 percent.

The Deputy Director General of Airport Affairs was Eng. Saleh Al-Fadaghi, has issued a circular of the health protocol for commercial operation at the airport, and a guide for representatives of executive bodies to restart commercial flights.

The protocol included all procedures pertaining to random checks of arrivals, and arrival and departure procedures from Kuwait International Airport.

The circular clarified that the instructions for travelers and visitors to the passenger terminal include wearing protective equipment and continuous sterilization, adherence to the instructions on physical spacing and reducing touch as much as possible, and the departing passengers must provide travel conditions for the country to which they are leaving, whether a virus-free examination or any other conditions.

With regard to departing passengers, it is not permissible to carry “hand-pull” or “carry” handbags on the plane, with the exception of small bags for medicines, personal effects and children’s belongings, and it is not allowed to enter the passenger buildings except for employees and travelers, with the exception of those with special needs, the elderly and special cases that require the presence of One companion for them to enter the airport.

As for the departure instructions for passengers, tickets are booked electronically or by telephone and received via e-mail to avoid the use of paper tickets and the infection that may accompany them, and provide information about the health status, and the certificate of freedom from Covid 19 virus from an accredited health center if requested by the traveler with commitment to the period Required for the validity of the certificate.

Kuwaiti citizens must also provide travel health insurance that covers the treatment of coronavirus infection.

The circular also stated the necessity of knowing the information and procedures followed in Kuwait International Airport in the event of departure and arrival, the presence of travelers at the airport at least 4 hours before travel, registration with the application of “Kuwait – Traveler” and providing the barcode for that in all stages of travel.