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Kuwait continues investigations into the “Malaysian Fund” case, in which former Kuwaiti officials are accused, as the investigations into the file, which is considered to be one of the largest corruption and money laundering cases in the country’s modern history, have not stopped.

An informed source revealed that the investigations are awaiting the Malaysian response to Kuwait’s request to provide evidence and documents to complete the investigation, stressing that there are new developments and information, the most prominent of which is that one of the sources of the alleged funds is the East Coast railway project, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

The source indicated that the East Coast Railroad and Railroad Project is designed to extend along 688 km and cross Malaysia from the east coast to the west coast, linking 50 towns.

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The source also indicated that Chinese companies were awarded a contract for this project worth 60 billion Malaysian ringgit, but today it has become under suspicion, stressing that this project is the subject of the ongoing lawsuit against the former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razzaq and will be presented in the papers that will be sent to Kuwait.

The source pointed out that the coming days will be pregnant with surprises in this case, and it is expected that the marathon investigations will begin again as soon as Kuwait receives the investigation file from Malaysia.

A major corruption scandal in Malaysia was revealed after the pursuit of its former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razzaq and his partner, the businessman around whom there are suspicions, Joe Lu, in the suspicion of theft of the Malaysian sovereign fund, and then suspicions and accusations revolved around the involvement of a powerful Kuwaiti figure in that scandal and its assumption of money laundering through the establishment of a group Companies in the Comoros Islands, which prompted the Council of Ministers to mandate the relevant authorities to investigate these accusations.

It is noteworthy that at least 8 countries have been conducting investigations regarding the funds of the Malaysian Fund since March 2016, namely Malaysia, the United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and 3 Gulf countries.