Hussein Arqab

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The newspaper “La tribune afrique” published a report in which he talked about the reality of the hospitality sector in the brown continent in the recent period, praising the great role that foreign investments played in revitalizing it, especially the Qatari projects that promise very promising investments, whether through individual work or entering into Partnerships with a number of partners representing other countries, foremost of which are France, based on the statement of Mr. Olivier Granite, CEO of Cassada, operating in the hospitality sector in all Africa, owned by both Katara Hospitality and the French Accord Group.


As Granite stressed the importance of Qatari investments for the hospitality sector in the brown continent, through its work to develop the infrastructure for the largest African cities in this field, especially since the number of hotels in the continent compared to the number of people is much lower than in the developed countries, and Granite stressed that The Qassada Company, which is largely acquired by Qatar, is working hard to achieve this goal, especially since Africa is one of the most promising continents in terms of growth, through the great constituents that it enjoys economically, on top of which is the huge tourism potential that characterizes it. Switching to a major source of income for many countries if they are exploited in the required manner, indicating that the recovery of this sector will lead to alleviating the burden of the unemployment problem experienced by a large number of companies in Africa.

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Granite explained his words to the African Africans by pointing out that the advancement of the hospitality sector in the brown continent will enable African countries to provide more than 10% of the total jobs, stressing once optimistic that the tourism sector in this continent will achieve a qualitative leap during the coming year by focusing on it by Foreign investors, of which Qatar is one of the most prominent, in addition to the facilities provided by governments in these countries in order to contribute to the expansion of the hospitality and tourism sector, by working to improve the level of its air transport through partnerships with major international companies in the form of what is happening between Rwanda and Qatar for The route of Qatar Airways, in addition to the abolition of visa entry systems by a group of African countries, which will increase the volume of annual visits to the brown continent in the future.