Doha’s community leaders have received huge praise from the Labour Attaché of Philippines in Qatar David Des Dicang for their efforts in bridging the gap between the Philippine Government and its nationals who are residing abroad.

Mr. Dicang was speaking on the side-lines of the launch of UFOQ Teleradio, which is an online public service platform for Filipino expats. He stressed and lauded the role community groups have played over the years in addressing the concerns of overseas Filipino workers.

The United Filipino Organizations in Qatar (UFOQ) is a project which has been initiated in collaboration with the Alliance of Filipino Journalists in Qatar (AFJQ), Mr. Dicang was the guest speaker of the pilot episode of the UFOQ Tele-radio. Mr. Dicang also spoke about the new labour law for the benefit of the thousands of Filipino workers who had tuned in.

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“Initiatives like the UFOQ Tele-radio will help to disseminate the information among the masses and the Govt. cannot do it alone and our staff is usually busy with other work which makes it difficult to reach out to every person. UFOQ and AFJQ have a huge role to play in addressing the issues of our compatriots”, Dicang said.

The talk show was hosted by UFOQ Chairman Ressie Fos and GMA 7 News Correspondent Manny Flores, who guided Dicang in explaining the important points of the newly implemented labour law, which became effective from today.

“The provisions of the new law were thoroughly discussed during the course of the show, particularly the clauses related to the entry, stay and residence of expats were discussed in depth. We discussed all the aspects of the new law on the show”, Dicang said.

“The Ministerial decree and other accompanying guidelines will issued soon. We have discussed the provisions with the Qatari Govt. and the Qatari authorities had encouraged us to spread awareness among our nationals. We are running an awareness campaign which would be further catalysed by UFOQ Tele-Radio”, he added.

We will continue to play a role of being a source of information for Filipino expats, Ressie Fos added. The project was reached to over 60, 000 social media users and the pilot episode had more than 9000 views.