A large number of visitors and farms have been witnessed at the three-day honey festival, held by the Agricultural Affairs Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).

Going by Gulf Times report, 130 local farms are participating at the festival that began on Thursday.

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It is interesting to note that initially, when the project was launched in 2012, only 30 farms took part and 50 participated in 2014. The growth in the numbers indicates a positive impact on MME’s initiative to support farmers.

Yousef al-Khelaifi, the director of the Agricultural Affairs Department, highlighted that the MME has given farmers more support to encourage them to increase their honey production and help them compete with other producers from outside the country.

Thus, it is learnt that the primary goal of the MME is to establish and enhance local farm industries and supplies farmers with the necessary support.

The event will be held at Al Khor from January 12 to 14, and Al Wakrah from January 19 to 21, from 7am to 5pm.