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Mubarak Hamdan Al-Arbeed, Director of the Housing and Government Buildings Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, confirmed that the administration and the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy welcome owners who wish to support the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / and cooperate with us through their real estate rental program, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding for leasing Residential properties signed between the two parties, to provide accommodation for fans and visitors during the tournament.

Al-Arabeed said, in a special statement to Qatar News Agency / QNA /, that the period of renting real estate will last for at least five years, which is the period of contracts concluded with real estate owners, as the rental properties will be used for the requirements of the World Cup, and then used to accommodate employees through the program Government housing.

He added, “Work is currently underway to receive the requests of real estate owners who wish to register in government housing, inspect real estate, and sign contracts with property owners approved by the committee, provided that the door for applications is closed in the event that the required numbers of real estate are completed, and then the buildings will be received and contracts executed.” Where it is expected that all real estate will be received between the period from August 2021 to January 2022.

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The Qatari community, with all its members and all its institutions, is one of the main partners and supporters of organizing an exceptional version of the FIFA World Cup Qatar-2022 /, worthy of the name of the State of Qatar and strengthening its position on the global sporting arena, where the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs and the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy signed a memorandum An understanding last March aimed at providing more accommodation options and granting investment opportunities to real estate owners in the private sector in the country to offer their properties to host visitors and fans during the tournament, and then benefit in the long term through government housing.

The Director of the Governmental Housing and Buildings Department stated that real estate owners wishing to rent their properties can apply through the Supreme Committee for Legacy platform, whether the matter is for a residential building or a residential complex.

Al-Arabeed talked about the stages of providing real estate owners, which start from the submission through the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy platform, where the committee checks the specifications of the properties, then the real estate is inspected through the joint work team between the Supreme Committee and the Administration of Housing and Government Buildings, provided that the work team classifies Real estate and determining the rental value of the units according to the determined government housing prices, then the owner is notified of the rental value, provided that communication is made by the Government Housing and Buildings Administration with the owners to complete the necessary attachments for the lease.

He added that the Government Housing and Buildings Administration will be the one who will undertake the conclusion of contracts with real estate owners, provided that the lease contract will come into effect through a receipt signed between the Department of Housing and Governmental Buildings, and the real estate owners with a certificate of compliance from the Supreme Committee affixed.

Al-Arabeed stressed at the conclusion of his statement that the most important conditions required for rented real estate for the requirements of the FIFA World Cup Qatar-2022 /, is that the housing units be furnished with acceptable and integrated furniture, as well as the property’s readiness in the required period, noting that the rest of the requirements are mostly the same required. Through the government housing program.

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding for Renting Residential Real Estate between the Ministry and the Committee, the joint work team recently received a number of requests for renting landlords and then reviewing, studying and evaluating them. As a first stage, more than 150 real estate varied between buildings, towers and residential complexes (complete and undivided) have been approved, fully furnished, providing 15,000 rooms.

In turn, Mrs. Fatima Fakhro, Vice President for Operations Affairs of the FIFA World Cup Qatar-2022 / in the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, explained that the State of Qatar has promised the world a unique, amazing and accessible experience during this tournament, considering that the accommodation and its facilities constitute one of the The pillars of this experience, offering fans and visitors a variety of accommodation options. In this context, “we always strive to fulfill this commitment, as our efforts continue to expand accommodation options that suit everyone during the tournament. We also look forward to offering various accommodation options that meet the aspirations of all visitors and fans and suit their budgets and tastes, bearing in mind two main goals: to provide an unparalleled fan experience.” It has the sustainability of accommodation options, which ensure that no useless facilities will be built after the end of the tournament in 2022.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Mrs. Fakhro said, “In light of expectations that Qatar will receive nearly 1.5 million fans during its hosting of the tournament, we have been keen to diversify accommodation options for fans and visitors coming to Qatar to attend the World Cup matches.” Innovative accommodation options are in fulfillment of this goal to ensure that all guests experience an integrated and comfortable stay. ”

She added, “These options include the provision of three to five-star hotel rooms throughout Qatar, in addition to hotel rooms on board cruise ships floating in the waters of the West Bay, in the context of the agreement signed by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy with the company / MS / For cruise ships last November to rent two ships during the tournament, which will start its first match on November 21, 2022 in Qatar. The capacity of the two ships is about 4000 rooms, allowing guests the opportunity to stay in these two floating hotels moored in the Doha port to offer them the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view overlooking the skyline The Arabian Gulf, in addition to that the committee is preparing from two to three villages for the fans, and renting residential real estate in cooperation with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs represented by the Housing and Government Buildings Administration.

The Vice President for Tournament Operations at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy considered that the cruise ships designated for the World Cup fans form part of the Supreme Committee’s plan for the stay options for tournament visitors, which aims to provide sustainable housing solutions, as this is the first ship in the MSC fleet that operates With liquefied natural gas, in addition to being the most environmentally friendly vessel of the fleet ships because it is designed in a way that reduces gas emissions to a minimum, in addition to providing it with advanced systems for treating waste and water and a set of modern environmental technologies to ensure clean gas emissions and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Fakhro explained that as part of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s endeavor to prepare innovative accommodation options during the World Cup, we assure that football fans from around the world have a date with a unique residence experience represented in the fans’ villages, which are desert camps that combine the past with the present and the future and provide luxury accommodation and entertainment. And cultural tourism, as guests learn about the traditions, heritage and authentic Qatari hospitality.

She added that plans are currently underway to equip two or three fan villages across the State of Qatar, to receive the tournament audience in an experience that sheds light on the cultural aspects of Qatar and the region, and more details about the fans’ villages will be announced at a later time during the FIFA World Cup / Qatar 2022 /.

It is noteworthy that the online application portal is still open for real estate owners to register to take advantage of this distinct opportunity.